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Feb 3, - How Many Calories Do You Burn Riding 10 Miles? That depends I'd rather you workout 10 minutes every day over 30 minutes once a week.

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Once you can do 20 minutes, progress by mintues another five-minute segment with three minutes at baseline and two minutes at a harder level.

Do this for a week or until it is comfortable for you.

The Magic Of 10 Miles Per Day

Then you can add another three minutes easier effort and two minutes harder interval to bring you total time up to 30 minutes. By the time you are doing eauals minute workout, you are achieving the minimum recommended amount of exercise per day. Now you will be able to build from there.

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You don't have to only use the stationary bike. It's great to try multiple activities equal work your body in different ways and avoid overuse injuries.

Cycling vs. Running: Which Is Better for Weight Loss and More

Doing at least three cardio workouts a week is a great place oj start to build endurance and burn calories. Get exercise tips to make your workouts less work and more fun.

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Over two thirds of American adults are classified as overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Weight loss is a major concern not just for appearance but for health and quality of life.

DeskCycle Calorie Calculator

Riding five miles on your stationary bike can aid your weight loss if your frequency, intensity and duration fall within weight loss recommendations. Five miles on your bike can be easy or you can make it challenging by adjusting the resistance and pace that you pedal.

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Interval training on your bike will help you reach your goal of losing weight in time. You want to exercise at a moderate to high intensity at each session. This produces higher caloric burn and helps you reach your goals more quickly. Based on this, cycling is a significantly better choice for losing weight.

Every mijutes mile means exponentially more possible routes, and more scenery along the way.

How many calories does cycling burn?

Whether you choose to cycle or walk, however, be sure to enjoy the road ahead! Share Pin 1.

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For biking on a level surface at Take the result and divide by in order to determine your calories burned per minute. Here is an example using someone who is working at an intensity of 30 minutes on stationary bike equals how many miles METS and weighs lbs 82 kilograms: If they ran at this pace for 30 minutes, then they would burn approximately For significant health benefits, the Guidelines recommend burning calories per week through physical activity.

You would need to set your long-term calorie expenditure goal higher than this if significant weight ho is your primary objective.

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Occupational and household chores count towards your weekly MET-minute goal. The Compendium tells us that vacuuming and pushing a power lawn mnay have energy expenditures of 3.

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Use our goal tracker to design a proper fitness program and track your progress! Before we discuss bike riding and walking, and the benefits both provide, remember that the value of exercise is measured both by calories burned and cardiovascular stress achieved. maby

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Deciding whether riding a bike or walking is better for you is dependent on both mibutes these factors and how important each one is in your exercise regimen. At the end of the day, the value of any kind of exercise can only be measured in terms of how well it helps you achieve your fitness goals.

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In discussing this question many people make the mistake of comparing the exercises in terms of distance. In fact, you often hear people asking how many miles on sttaionary bike is equal to one mile of walking. The fact is, distance can be deceiving in this equation because you achieve greater distance on a bike, with less effort, than you do with a brisk walk.

News:Actual Miles/ Minutes Recorded Miles. Walking Any activity/exercise that makes you breathe The University of Maryland Extension is an Equal Opportunity Employer with Equal Access Programs. Walking, stroll (2 mph) for 30 minutes = 1 mile “walked” You bike for 5 miles and want to convert that acfivity to copoka.infog: Choose.

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