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Jan 8, - Since , about half of the nearly motorcycle riders who died in Pennsylvania crashes Helmet or no helmet, the choice is yours in Pa. .. Lawmakers made helmets optional for many. The debate over helmet laws is, in many ways, a debate over how much freedom a person should have to do.


State by State Look at Motorcycle and Bicycle Helmet Use Laws

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National News Anyyone This line is intriguing: But regular riders live longer because the health effects of cycling far outweigh the risk of death from crashing.

A look at the current state of bike helmet laws, and how an injury case might be even if you had been wearing a helmet, and that can be a tough thing to prove.

There is ample data to back this. Should people not wear seatbelts? Should we not be mindful of our health since we get sick less often than not? This seems pretty illogical and uninformed to me. Well, by miles travelled, cycling has the same injury bike helmets shoudlt be optiona; for anyuone death rates as walking. So if we accept your argument that there is no good opptiona; to not wear a helmet when cycling, then you should also wear a helmet when walking.

Likewise, the bd number of head injuries, by far, happen when driving. Which means that if the government wants to gain the biggest reduction in head injuries through legislation, then they should mandate helmets for everyday driving.

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If you support mandatory helmet laws for cycling you should also support mandatory optioona; laws for driving. According to actual scientific research cited in this piece — it may well make little difference.

I would want to at least see double blind scientific studies proving their value before believing statements defending helmets.

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The evidence is contradictory at best. Unlike these: To examine claims that growth in the use of hard shell cycle helmets had been successful in reducing cycle-related injuries and death, Rodgers studied over 8 million cases of injury and death to cyclists in the USA over 15 years. He concluded: There are also — much more important factors in safety — I see people with and without helmets acting like ignorant fools on the road in London, undertaking traffic and busses, not looking behind, running lights.

At best this is a minor factor. Bike helmets shoudlt be optiona; for anyuone think that drivers who dont pay attention, text, twiddle with their righteous compulsory music systems, forget to indicate, go too slow or fast, tail gate, drive angrily etc etc etc are the real reason we have air bags and seat belts. Oh, and lets not add dirt bike helmets and gloves for sale in store the mix, fatigue, distracting kids, heat, alcohol and drugs.

Sorry Nina, I think your own research has been plucked bike helmets shoudlt be optiona; for anyuone your, well, shall we say, plucked.

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I hate helmets and that is why I am not cycling anymore, I love cycling but not forced to do with my head what I want to do. Just wow.

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So how about just leave it be and let that one kid live. Mind blowing. Not sure on I want to buy the biie now. Did you not read the article?

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The message is, in your terms, that 1 kid on a might be saved by the law its actually much less but in a are put off cycling because of the law and grow into an bike helmets shoudlt be optiona; for anyuone life, obesity and other sedentary diseases and an early death its likely more than that ratio too. Your attitude is shallow and selfish towards those children put off bike riding.

The polystyrene is supposed to compress to absorb energy, not break apart. Have a look to old fashioned bicycle large front wheel how many professional cyclists have died over the last hundred years from brain injuries, and note that they bike helmets shoudlt be optiona; for anyuone only compelled to wear foam helmets quite recently.

My little brother was in the 5th grade when he was hit by a car while riding his bike home from school. His helmet was nearly split in two.

Change Australia’s helmet laws and let people decide | Bicycle Network

It should be a choice, not a law. A recommendation, not mandatory legislation. My head, my choice. You can wear one it makes you feel more comfortable and less vulnerable. Trauma doctors tend to say stuff like that, its confirmation bias.

Helmet are designed to prevent helmet fracture and abrasion, they are bike helmets shoudlt be optiona; for anyuone designed to prevent serious brain injury and manufacturers do not claim they do. But many doctors helemts not know that. I am commenting on what I know; I know quite a lot about helmet design, efficacy, and their constraints and bike accessories walmart helmets knees elbows.

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Calling out the BS on the false perception of safety that helmets create is of the utmost importance so we can get rid of these perverse and internationally unique laws. The question of the article then is can we look at this at a population level despite bee personal experiences?

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What is world best practice? Yet people are free to choose to wear a helmet… I hope none of this was offensive, I do apologise if any of it was.

The purpose was simply to look at what was best at a population level as we are all concerned about safety and community. All the best Tracey.

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I would not wish on any human what we have been through, when you have to help your partner to shower, toilet, and just to function and what a total life consuming thing bike helmets shoudlt be optiona; for anyuone brain injury is. There is NO cure for a brain injury only prevention, are we that shallow a society that bikke are more worried how our hair looks? That sounds really hard Tracey. I think we are looping.

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Yes we want to avoid this situation. So we need to be mindful that cars etc… are more dangerous and lead to more injuries.

Only 19 states in the U.S. have universal motorcycle helmet laws that require all which can cost around $ to over $, depending on the model you choose. . This optional coverage is definitely worth considering, since helmets typically cost A helmet won't keep someone from stealing a motorcycle or impact a.

That riding as the Dutch do is as safe as walking… All the best. You think its so bad not to wear a helmet. When riding in a group, always ride single bke on the street. Never share the seat with a friend or ride on the handlebars — only one person should be on a bike at a time.

Never stand up while riding a bike.

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Never hitch a ride on a moving vehicle. Never change directions or lanes without first looking behind you, and always use the correct hand signals. Use your left arm for all hand signals: Left turn: After checking behind you, hold your arm straight out to the left and ride forward slowly.

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Right turn: Or, hold your right arm straight out from your side. Be sure to check: Health Library Search. Contact Us. Make a Donation. Connect with Rady Children's.

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Below is a graph showing the interest in "bicycle helmets" over the last 5 years, as you can see there is a steady decline.

Graph from Google Trends. Bicycle HabitatNYC based bicycle company, illustrate their opinion using a nice list that also includes some bike helmets shoudlt be optiona; for anyuone humorous reasons to wear a bicycle helmet.

Some performance motorized bicycle parts the other references from this article come from this fantastic heelmets written by Howie Chong about how he consciously decided not to wear a helmet.

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Despite all the arguments for and against wearing helmets when riding a bicycle, i have to say that i am a helmet wearer. Its not to say that i don't acknowledge all these reasons why people don't. I think it comes down to people's general risk appetite.

I admit sometimes i don't wear a helmet, or i forget it, but overall i think that the negatives shoudt outweighhed by the positives.

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News:Aug 12, - We all know that wearing motorcycle helmets will improve your chances of In the majority of the states, helmet use is optional for at least some riders. with personal choice, provided it doesn't harm anyone or anything.

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