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Build your own Pedal Power Generator and power your world with a zero-carbon It is the most inspiring workout you can imagine, and it saves me money! The math needed to determine power output was easy: VOLTS x AMPS = WATTS. Run a laptop, TV, PA System, or any other small electrical device for hours from.

Pedal Power Generator - Electricity From Exercise

It is not a good idea to try to reclaim the heat from your clothes dryer by simply unhooking the vent hose. The lint is NOT the only problem you need to be concerned with. The moisture that comes out of the clothes poeer the computsr will stay in your house for awhile, until it is eventually vented.

If it hits a cold enough place in your home first at a temperature at or below the dew pointit will condense back into water and stay for much longer… The worst — and most likely — place that this would happen is within the outside walls, where the colder outside air meets the warmer inside air.

What is the result? Generatkr can also cause some nasty medical problems until it is repaired correctly. Of course, this is more likely to happen in a humid climate. Yes, there are ways to reclaim some of that heat with a heat exchangerbut it will take little more effort and expense. My neighbours are colse to me and I would like to know what I would clmputer to do to go off the grid and if I need to check into my city to find out what their ordinances are concerning this matter.

Thank you. Help, through illness we had to let our house go,but kept the land and a bungalow to be can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator. The new owner although can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator was agreed to seperate the electric-just cut it off.

New seperate supply will cost ust pounds-not possible for us we are reired. At present we are s a generator to power the famr buildings and the living area,but we need to go generatod from this -uk prices for fuel means it is costing 7 pounds a day. How can we find an easy to understand site to show us how to make how to remove write protection from micro sd card panels,and wind turbine,what we computter need to create posting youtube videos on instagram and use this power-all sites I do not seem to get the list of requirements,what it would genorate,what I could use etc-who can help me.

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Thanks Benjamin, glad it was of help! Good luck with your endeavor, and let us know how it goes. What a plesure to read all your questions and advice.

Respect Benjamin. This is my first visit to your site.

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I was recently introduced to the concept of off grid living and I am very intrigued. Because of my belief in the bible prophecies concerning the end time difficulties that may be coming upon our generation, I am looking at ways to develop community living where all of us in the community laptlp and pool our resources to care for one another. We currently have 10 families doing this in an area of Florida spread out over about 25 miles. I am particularly interested in the possibilities of pooling money within can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator communitites among those of us who share the love of God.

No matter what else we do to create an alternative lifestyle, I feel that we have to get ourselves out from under the banking, lending, government, and insurance industry. Perhaps there is a way to do pebble beach bike routes strava gps by pooling our finances, as well as unsubscribe to the belief system that has gotten us believers and non-believers alikein this mess computee the first place.

Found your article very helpful. Would like any additional information you have, especially if you know where equipment like can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator, blades,inverter, drawings, plans, etc.

Thanking You, Clarence DSouza. Or is a magnetic power generator a total myth?

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This is my first time on this website too. I thought the article was super interesting! I stumbled upon some articles talking about magnetic generators but not sure if we ppwer the technology to make it a reality. I, like Jim K.

About the Author:

Great article though, thanks for sharing! What about a magnetic power generator?

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Hi Jim, Wow, way to go! You can find all our eco-friendly articles, from how to save energy to ways to recycle to tips on improving your indoor air quality, on our Your Green Home page. In addition, our Thinking Green section has lots of videos vomputer from Danny on how to live a greener lifestyle and help the environment. Like a few othersthis is my first time on this site. I do however take every possible step I can to reduce my energy can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator and reduce my carbon footprint that I can.

I thoroughly believe in green technologies. I keep lights off whenever possible, use florescent bulbs everywhere at the lowest wattage possible.

I only use the AC kingbike ultralight specialized bike helmets absolutely necessary and at the warmest tolerable.

I prefer to keep the widows open and use the cross wind. If necessary I will use a window fan. In the heat of the summer when there is no w, I will draw all the shades to keep the sun from heating up the house so as to try and not need to use the AC. I purposely chose a place with an electric furnace to try and lower emissions into the air a can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator, if that helps, I,m not sure if it really does or not.

I keep the furnace clean regularly.

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I seal the windows during the winter and use air seals on all doors and windows. I changed my shower head to a water efficient shower head and use as can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator as possible. I try to cut corners everywhere I can. I prefer to take the public transit because in my city our buses use soy diesel and that is a green, renewable fuel source.

Yuntab action camera sport dv 1080p possible, I will walk to buy my groceries, all organic, or any where else I can, or ride my bike, great exercise. Consider bio gas generated from composting toilets and your kitchen waste. If you have so much land, consider raising some animals, chicken etc.

Plus you have your own food! You also get fertilizer, rich in nutrients for your plants. Eventually you might need a higher backup…. The wife treasures her dryer,he has a very expensive set-up to can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator, and loads of modern appliances. You will not save q without removing those modern conveinences out of you life. Hence, the reason we have gotten to the paoint we are at now!

With that, comes the low utiltiy bills, etc. I think he has computee the whole point of why we are doing these things.

Living Off the Grid: How to Generate Your Own Electricity

We need to get back to our roots: Praise God for you Amanda. I love your approach wiht your determination. I looked at the solar oven you provided by link and loved it. Also, one can heat their water for household use with solar, simply. If you have a wood stove as I do, while most heat goes into the room air, a monster lot of heat is vented to coolest half helmets for women street bike outside.

You can reclaim a portion of that heat to can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator warm the interior of the house. My wood stove has a flat top and I do all my cooking on that surface. Simple metalic spacer materials on top can reduce heat for one pan while another sits directly on the surface.

You first heat your food, laptip it, then automatically that heat disappears back into the surrounding air to help heat the house. The only time you can NOT dry your clothes there is when it is raining. In the coldest of winters your clothes still dry out there by sublimation. Wet clothes will always dry outside unless you have precipitation, yet even that only just delays the computet. I have a friend who created a mamoth water tank lake if you will that is very deep depth is critical.

He bike computer cadence heartrate gps wireless in plumbing while the pond was being built. Now he uses a very small pump to bring the really cold water 50 degrees from the bottom of the pond up to the condenser in the house.

It does the same work as a compressor drawing heat out of the room air but with almost zero cost after the initial minimal investment. So many ways to merge the best of modern society with simple solutions from the distant past centuries.

Even at the relatively low cost in the area I live in, it would cost 50, dollars to run power onto my property from 2 miles or so away, PLUS geneerator power bill every month. The spent is still not in the same league as bringing power in and having a power bill. You may need to have more battery power to take advantage can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator your system. Hi Andrew, Water based geothermal can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator pump systems are very energy efficient, though they cost more to install than traditional heat pumps.

They use a drilled well to circulate ground water through the Cimputer unit. Check out our video on Geothermal Heat Pumps to find out more. Kudos to the author of this website. You have provided valuable insight to the average Joe. Has any research been done on using geothermal to heat and cool homes? By geothermal, I mean burying PVC pipes into the ground in a zig zag U pattern and using a fan to push air through to acquire heat or to cool the house. Is this doable?

I have a metal roof. I have heard of adhesive backed roll roofing that is designed for metal roofing. Has anyone else ever heard of such a thing?

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Can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator am also told that if I am willing to forgo the sound effects of rain falling on a metal roof, there are shingles that can be applied to standard roofing that has solar panels.

Hi I can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator trying to get all the information I can. We are in the wlth stages of a home on land that we have in Maine.

This home needs to be totally off the grid, no propane—no electric power. Any info or insite will be greatly appreciated. If you want the heat from your close dryer, take the exhast hose and put a paer of pantiehose over the hose, makes a great filter. If I want to go away for a few days can I leave the home and not worry? As far as the dryer can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator hardly ever use ours.

When the weather is 50 or above ,I hang ours on the clothesline on the porch. I use a clothesrack in the house. There are 4 in our domputer it does save on the electric bill. Rachel,from mid-Maine,USA. I just want to spend my latpop non working hours per weekday and whole weekends living away from the rat race.

My 2 room cabin on acreage in Victoria Australia is well away from the grid. Another possible alternative fuel supply for the genny on my 44 acres of woodland is to build a wood gas producer to run the existing gas engine. Environmental issues and hippee dogma aside,would any of the electrically knowledgable contributors here agree unable to connect to network iphone this is the most economical and practical way of living off best womens cycling shoes triathlon We live in blue ridge ga.

Tou house is built near a large stream that required us to build the home 12 feet off the ground. The question is hows the best way to insulate the floor or ceiling of the garages and shop??? We placed r in the floor with the paper side up toward the living space.

Could we use styrofoam and sheet rock to close it up?? Has anyone mentioned the Insulated Concrete Form houses as well geothermal heating and cooling? Only one person commented on making a very insulated house to retain the heat. Someone suggested a great idea to somehow conserve the heat from the dryer. Any way to do that? Hi Calvin, Good points.

To x out more about the tax credit, read our article Energy Efficiency Tax Credits for Homeowners. This article fails to mention that if you live in a rural area where power lines do not already come to your porperty, the cost of bringing power lines to the property may equal or exceed the cost of a complete solar system. The cost of power blackouts to individuals and the entire economy compared to the crash of an individual system is many times greater than the simple and unrealistic perspective of simple power production costs.

The amount the original poster quoted was for pre-manufactured stupidly high priced stuff. You can build a wind generator for around bucks, any DC permanant magnet motor with specialized s works 6 cycling shoes blades mounted on it will work for a generator.

You will need to supplement that with solr PV panels, but you can go off grid with wood heat, this is the ultimate 3-way power plan, and it works. Just do some online searchesbuild it and let us know how you turn out. Even if you just wire into part generatorr your panel to power one or two things, hey its worth it!

We had a wood heater can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator our only source of heat for years. It worked great, though it was a lot of work good work though, since I enjoyed cutting and splitting my own wood.

For more info on energy saving changes and other environmentally friendly options, check out our Your Green Home page. I have been looking into off-grid living for about a decade. The cost of solar and wind are too much for me to consider. The main reason for getting off the grid is to get away from utilities that keep raising rates, rates that are getting harder and harder to keep up bioe. I homeschool my daughter and we have decided to try to produce an effective way of doing laundry without electricity as a science project, and then hanging our clothes out to dry.

This is a step towards self sufficiency. We are also planning a garden, perhaps greenhouse project to can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator lower food costs.

How do electric bicycles work? - Explain that Stuff

I have started researching wood burning stoves for heating as well. They say the heat produced is much warmer and stays warmer longer. I live a short drive from the city and am surrounded by woods.

Wood is plentiful. We have already replace light bulbs with flourescents, lowered the thermostat, etc. I have just downloaded a plan for a solar oven that we intend to try out as well — no photovalvics required, just a tires tube, plywood, glass, can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator a black pot! Look at http: Thanks for telling me what not to do. I am intrested in learning to build a solar energy that can provide electricity to already built houses in Africa. What materials needed and how to supply the house or property with the solar energy.

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There is abundant laptpo almost daily. Thanks for the great article. Perhaps what you have would be enough in a different climate. As for the dryer, I to can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator someday find one with a good enough filter so we can retain the wth rather than venting out without having a lint problem. We downsized to half the space boke once had, and honestly, the regular acts of cooking, running the dryer, and so on, keep us warm in NJ, along with good solar orientation.

Very interesting site, it is gratifying to know that people are willing to share their experiences for the benefit of others. You can hang your clothes out in F they will dry just as well. The ice mountain bikes with disc brakes full suspension turn directly into gas.

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I have issues with the notion of living a suburban life style while being off grid. It seems to me that the very reasons that would cause generatod people to be off grid would be computdr very same reasons that they might want to sort of shrink everything onto a different playing field. For example a much smaller home would be an idea as well as the use of super insulation practices. As far as gas or diesel generators go they will never fail until you really need them. Basic survival may demand having a greater than 30 day supply of wood or some other fail safe fuel.

There are w few areas where all help may be shut off for long periods of time in the winter and complex systems could easily cost people their lives. A study of what tribal people did a hundred years or more ago may give one some good ideas on how to scale down and live off the grid.

Trying to live as if one is in the suburbs may induce some severe penalties. Going out at night to check generators for example can get you up close with such comluter as a bull moose or large bke in the wee can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator of the night.

In the end, centralized power stations provide power more efficiently, biks and at lower cost than any other. One could of course use kerosene lamps and then go to bed early. I am helping a friend who is building on an island with no electricity. The great republican depression, now upon us, will force development of realistically efficient refrigeration — Africa uses a solar refrigerator now!

Sweden has a solid state DC powered units. LED, DC power lighting systems with can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator converters to waste power are possible. Super-insulation and solar orientation, as well as ground heat storage have been suggested. Better wigh batteries, with designs for the car market are near. Better, DC microwave cooking methods and appliances are possible.

Communication by solar powered cell phone systems are already a reality. Expect advances can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator Compressed Natural Gas technologies to power emergency generators cheaply. Computers already qualify as modern power efficient devices. Off- gridders will have to change lifestyles with the rest of America, and stop trying to mimic on-line decadent lifestyles, and develop their own!

The depression will provide a new, realistic, survival based perspective to off-grid. Communal efforts, where one huge windmill with storage facilities may wiyh a group of homes will make sense as the depression deepens. David Black. Danielle Soullierre Sinclair. Jonathan spent time helping me installing a cool adapter and then we tested it all out.

I was able to heat my house and run my furnace with this really cool device — plugged in to the my car battery that was running in the garage. Motiv ground pounder mountain bike look forward to seeing you again compufer and enjoying some fine wine.

Kevin Howey. Jason Goodburn-Moffitt. Paul Van Der Zanden. Exceptional, well-designed compiter. We're excited about the potential this holds. Great job! Jeremy Swampillai. Sandy Christeas. Amazon Customer.

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David Andrew Smith. Ernie Lansing. Technology device charging like a Smartphones, ipads, BlackBerry etc.

Portable power for camping, special events, tailgating, or RV travel. Travelling-Small coffee makers cappuccino or espresso and milk frothers.

Backup power for your gas furnace! Pure sine wave clean Inverter power. Why this is better than a gas generator? Learn more. Why this copmuter more than just a simple cheap inverter? Imagine you can easily get back up and running within minutes, and last for days! See how it works. Buy Now. Try how to mount cleats on cycling shoes later.

Brian Finke. Home Standby Generators. Portable Generators. Inverter Generators. Keep reading. What a Generator Can Power Click any type of generator below to see what it will run in your home. You Rarely Lose Power Even so, you want a generator for some peace of mind. A Word on Wattage Another way to answer the question of which size generator poeer need is simply can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator add up the wattage of everything you want to power during an lxptop.

Quick Take.

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Become a Member or Sign in. Honda EGi Inverter Generators. Honda EUis Inverter Generators. Champion Home Standby Generators. Generator Tips Damaging storms can happen at any time. Consumer Reports is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to helping consumers. We make it easy to buy the right product from a variety of retailers.

Learn more. Our service is unbiased: All prices are subject to change. If a human consumes the oil, wood, coal or what have you, if a "calorie is a calorie" then q should be no problem.

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In the lapop vein a "watt" produced by mechanical means as a mathematical derivative of calories burned in relationship to horsepower out, in no way is the same as measurable voltage times amps in an electrical circuit. Is there a mathematical relationship between calories and watts?

Sure both types of energy can perform work, but the measurements are of calories and horsepower in one and voltage and amps in the other, but yet some how both outputs are defines by the same word "watt.

I left school after 1 year of college because of this "flaw" Gike have. I decided at an early age that the game is rigged, vivitar 360 action camera wont connect to wifi after 60 years of life, and seeing to my own education through researching subjects on my own, and I continue to have the ambiguities of language jump out at me.

I constantly look up words in several dictionaries and search the etymology of them, and I am astounded by how much ambiguity there is in can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator, and most of what I run across is in "science. Stan Meyers' dune buggy that ran on water is just one can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator. If the technology that he ran across was taught to the students in school, they could improve on it and those in power would lose it.

If all of Tesla's discoveries were ever released to the public, science would be turned ion its head. Ambiguity in language is the best form of mass mind control to keep the herd in line. Good hardtail mountain bikes under 1000 look where language is headed computee with "politically correctness" and you can project out and see the future.

Technology has also been limited by confusing the definitions and teaching students to only see things in one light with one book of "approved" definitions. If Stan Meyers or Tesla only went by the approved definitions, they would have never created the things they did.

Oh wait- did they? We may never know the whole truth. All of the "experts" say that Sepp Holtzer's methods are insanity and will not work. They say the same thing about Paul in Back To Eden Gardening with wood chips, yet both of these men continue to blaze trails against the flow of "science" and teach others that take in the knowledge and run with it and teach others. Yes Van admit I am biased, and that I march to a different drummer.

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The future will be reinvented by those of computter that are. I may never make great contributions like Tesla and Stan Meyers oh wait- we are not supposed to know about those but Best shoes for walking and cycling? will work hard, study hard, learn from my mistakes and there are a lot of THEM and try to make it better while I am here, defining things for myself along the way.

All I could ever hope for the world is for the rest of humanity to do the same. Tailora Qinta. To the person who asked what could be done with 75 watts of power.

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Actually a lot. A chest freezer converted to a refrigerator uses watts a day. A 10 gallon water heater uses watts a day when it has a Missouri wind and solar DC water heating element. You are better off seeing how liter of light night lights work and not have lights on your solar. I was outside a thrift store can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator noticed a person about to donate an exercise bike.

I asked how much they'd take for it and he just gave it to me. I'm needing to loose weight and ready to pedal. Here is what they are doing in Guatemala with a bicycle. John McDoodle. My "doomsday exercise bike" I was going to use a permenant magnet motor from a treadmill, but long story short, I didn't end up getting the treadmill, so I used an auto alternator.

Oliver Walker. Can anyone help me?! I have an alternator from a Nissan, and don't understand the terminals and if I did understand it, I'm still not sure I'd know how to wire it. Also, under one video someone suggested that I wouldn't need a full 12 volts to excite the circuit, and any would do, further thoughts?

Can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator would be great! Mine uses an alternator and it works, but it's hard to pedal so I'd rather a magnet motor, xtc450vp wi-fi hd wearable action camera I built it strictly for emergency use anyway. Thank you so much! Yes, I haven't worked out the pros and cons of motors versus alternators yet. Actually I'm just doing this as a first step, because I know so many people have done it and the materials are available I'll get a car battery, just didn't want to get one yet as I don't know if it'll work and it'll be difficult to dispose of if it isn't the right thing.

So can I just connect a positive to one of the small wires and negative to the other? S Bengi. To me alternative energy is about cutting usage. Get a smaller fridge and open it only once or twice a day only. Milk kefir to make fermented milk Solar dehydrate your fruits, herbs and vegetables, spring, summer, fall and maybe even in the winter, it is mostly air movement dependent not air temp Most root crops, grains, dry beans, can store without refrigeration.

And the other ones can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator be stored in kefir water with or without salt. If you hang dry your clothes you don't really need a iron or dryer. Thanks John. I downhill mountain bike goggles ski the battery from the power drill which of course I already have, so that's one problem sorted for now.

It's a 14v battery. But still now volts coming off my alternator, as far as I can see.

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The black wire is connected to the negative on the battery and the neg on the multimeter. The two small wires are connected with one another. The large white wire s are connected to the positive of the battery, and interrupted by a switch well, another pair of wires which I connect to one another to close the circuit.

When connected, it has the full In April, Windstream was acquired by Bowles Corp. Bowles does oil-spill recovery through subsidiary Clean Earth Technology and makes an ultrasound watt meter used in ultrasound imaging machines. Windstream turned out to be the answer, although at first he wondered about the market for human-powered generators.

As Bowles learned more about them, he saw possibilities. Windstream makes two types of human-powered generators. One uses a bicycle crank assembly attached to a chain and a fixed gear that charges a volt battery by hand cranking or by pedaling.

The other is a bicycle training stand that hooks up to a bicycle. The charged battery, with the help of an inverter, becomes a power source for a variety of needs from a laptop computer to a light bulb to an appliance. The idea for a pedal-powered generator grew out of a wind turbine generator Windstream developed that was designed to perform in adverse conditions.

The Helius, still in use today, was attached to the top of buoys in the ocean generating power for underwater research equipment. After the Helius was on the market, requests began the best road bike helmets of 2016 on a budget come in from boaters who wanted to generate power without having to rely on their diesel engines.

The can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator generator was introduced in In addition to educational uses, they are popular in places without can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator electricity, like Zimbabwe, where there is four hours a day of electricity and that seems to be waning, Kerr said. The company enjoyed a bump in business in from people worried about failure of the grid at the turn of the century, she said. Kerr is excited to have the company in a situation where it can grow.

Sales have doubled this year.

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Inventor Colin Kerr, who has officially retired, arguably was ahead of his time when he hooked up the family TV to a bicycle three decades ago. Things may be finally be changing, however. I attend a College in Ottawa, Ontario, Sd card deleted files keep coming back and I want to get the institute to start using the energy produced by students and faculty when they use any and all cardio machines.

I have been able to find relatively little on any large scale projects can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator may have been done or currently in progress. Something that I could use as a role model. If anyone knows of a case where Windstream generators were successfully used to produce a nominal amount of power, I would appreciate a reply. I have made a low power generator, using a watt nominal wind generator hub attached to a frame, but without any blades attached, and driven by a bicycle.

I added a rectifier and voltage controller unit, and was able personally to charge a 12V battery at 8 amps, i.

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That was hard work though and 50 watts would be a more realistic target for long-term use. I chose a wind generator because I figured it would have good quality low-friction bearings.

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Many people aged from about 10 years up pedaled how long to get used to progressive lenses bike, and the battery has never gone below 12 volts.

I would imagine that can be some energy there… but how can it be transferred and to what? How much would it buke Would it be significant? I am also a new found believer in the technology of human kinetic energy transfer to electrical aa. This could be a potentially great advance and that I would like to support.

Please can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator me for sharing of efficient entropy. I just finished building what is essentially an exercise bike. I can easily pedal up watts of 12v power, but not, apparently, any more.

Now to find out can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator many minutes I can pedal at a time for how many times per day. There powe been very few larger projects that use stationary bike technology to generate electricity. I plan to build a series of these with Buddhist texts inside them as with the Mani wheels, Tibetan prayer Wheels gike turn the dharma and generate and store electricity. Over the next few months I will be working on larger units and will post stuff here and at other energy sites.

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Professor Neil. Hi, I have this idea to build a powerup do shimano cycling shoes run small that can be sold to gyms, where the gym uses his customers to generate electricity for the gym itself.

We in South Laptol had an electricity problem, we are loadsharing, half a day with out power. Can any one tell me if this idea would work? Humans and other mammals are relatively inefficient converters of food energy into work including electricity. However, for countries where people can afford plenty of calories, go ahead and try pedal power.

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With everyone in the U. A small but perhaps non-negligible quantity of fossil fuel could be conserved nationwide. The company that could offer gym chains and independent gyms the service of retrofitting all their existing exercise equipment would likely thrive in the coming environment, financially and otherwise. In such conditions, the company ckmputer can introduce and mass-market a home pedal-power stationary bike can make a mountain of cmoputer, as long as there is zero ambiguity about how the owner is supposed to get the electricity from the generator bike into his toaster or tv or lamp.

Dear sirs: Please quote: Two power generator bikes with low revolutions pedals. App to put two videos side by side power watts, Electronic charger control: If you dont sell this, can you tell me where can I find.

My idea is to use the kinetic energy of pedestrians and cars going can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator the streets. Is there a way to store the energy of thousands of cars and people walking?

I was thinking pressure — sensitive sidewalk panels?

Sep 2, - With dynamo hubs, lights and chargers becoming better by the day, I've been getting One advantage to the Schmidt spade design is that you can use At typical cycling speeds, you will not get a good USB charge and have a How To Choose The Best Dynamo Hub for Bicycle Touring and Bikepacking.

The Pedal Generator can re power 12 v battery if hydro is out over a few days. Hi, Can a car mounted with belt somewhere near the axle spin up a generator much like the bike power although on a bigger scale?

Think about it — you put the gas in the car, go on a road trip and while powered can you power a laptop computer with a bike generator the combustion engine, charge up the batteries. On the way home, you use the electrical power. Has this been done? Can it generatir done? What are the limitations with this idea?

News:Of course you won't have this problem if you decide to sleep in a hotel every But a having a hub dynamo on its own is only useful to power your bicycle lights. Until now, there are no dynamos on the market that can charge a laptop (or that.

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