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Apr 14, - The Garmin Forerunner XT is one of the most feature-rich GPS The Garmin Forerunner XT is a GPS watch that tracks running, cycling and swimming. Unlike some triathlon watches, though, the FRXT can't monitor your The display screen shows you the time of day (down to the second).

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You can then create a Garmin Connect account, which will allow you to see the data your watch collects online or on a mobile app. While I had no trouble syncing the watch with my phone via Bluetooth, I liked knowing that, if Bluetooth gwrmin failed, there was another, wireless way to get data off the watch and onto my phone. If you're not using a mobile device to view your data, you can set the watch on its charging cradle and plug it into your does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer to upload your workout stats to the Garmin Connect website.

Some of the more basic 4k action camera national parks depot fields — pace, speed and elevation — are fairly obvious and aa to put into context without any outside information. But for the more advanced metrics, like cadence and vertical oscillation for running, or swim efficiency SWOLF for workouts in the pool, I needed to does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer some research in order to analyze my data.

Garmin does try to put some of this data into context for users.

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After running, you can log in to Does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer Connect to analyze graphs that display your cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time over the course of your does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer. These graphs are color-coded to reflect the percentage of runners specifically, runners who participated in a set of trials conducted by Garmin who achieved similar results.

For example, purple shading inside the cadence graph means that your strides per minute are on par with runners who ranked in the 95th percentile in the Garmin trials. In other words, if your strides improve audio quality on action camera minute fall in this purple range on the graph, your cadence is equivalent to that of a very experienced runner. You can get more information about the color-coded graphs on the Garmin Connect website by clicking on the question mark icon next to the graph title.

There's also additional information about the color system, and running metrics in general, on the company's website, including links to some insightful FAQs. Like most high-end GPS watches, the FRXT can be paired with a number of different sensors that make it even more useful for athletes.

Garmin has a full list of compatible sensors for the FRXT on its website in the section marked Accessories. You can also explore the Specs tab on the same page to find out more about the watch's features for running, swimming, cycling and activity tracking. The data the watch collected seemed accurate based on how fast I was running and how far along I was in my workout. Have you tried both wrists?

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Mine is a better on the right in this regard although have got a Rotor not a Stages. Tried left and right — same issue. I can take the xt off and hold it above my head to test the range and its OK — tested it on does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer turbo. It only works with Stages Power Meter when mounted on the bar, but looses connection when on either hand.

Has anybody gamrin Stages with Fenix2? They Garmin were very well aware of the eouble and even had planned to release some guidance around it before backtracking. It dropped majority of packets. Have you by chance gone outside and picked up GPS yet? Any word on solutions for the problem?

I called both Garmin and Stages and does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer blamed the other not surprising. Thanks and keep up the great work, Todd. Same problem here! Stable connections to both an Edge mounted between the aerobars as well as to the IOS Stages app via bluetooth. On the contrary, signal loss on the XT happens all the time when wearing it on my arm, especially when I place my wrist on the aerobars.

The feedback sports pro elite bike repair stand somehow seems to become a little more stable if I place my arm near to the PM very aerodynamic position though.

I already repaired everything, changed the PM battery, ….

Nov 5, - After running about miles over 15 weeks wearing eight watches, we've found a GPS watch that will delight most runners. Read more about.

Last olympic distance, average power of 40 watts;- due to consistent dropouts. Any ideas left what to do?

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It sucks. Though it also seems to also dkuble wrist-based devices more than dedicated head gike. Likely because your body absorbs more in that case than a standalone unit not mounted to your wrist. Funny, I had just checked that price on Amazon on Monday or Tuesday. The prices there fluctuate compuger the ties, crazy. I can run for an hour and never get above sea level.

I correct the lost of connectivity to the memory card that automatically uploads pictures issue by toggling off and back on the Bluetooth on my phone.

Have you had az issues with the HRM? I have had several of the newer ones and no matter dohble clean I keep it or what Dohble do, it seems that after time it starts to drop out or get my Specialized s-works road cycling shoes ebay way off.

Hi, Rayand great review. I live in Norway but I am right now in Paris. Are there any shops here with in stock? I have tried Triathlon Store, but they could not help me.

Do you know? Not sure they still have one. I walked back to them. They have a single unit left in store. They close at 6: Just behind up hill the Maubert Metro one block. The good new is I just checked it before writing that that there is at least one unit does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer be sold on the Web site.

So, as the online shop and the physical shop share the same stock, it could be available in the shop to. I was just saying that I bought my xt at Le Vieux Campeur 2 weeks ago.

Dear Ray thanks for a detailed review. I am IM wannabe torn between V and xt. What would be your words of advise? Cheers Stepan. I does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer a suunto 6td with all pods.

ThomasBerlin- Germany. When you saw my track, you suggested that my watch is faulty. I returned it and got it back yesterday. You can see me running right over a shopping center, constantly hundreds of meters off for most of the track.

I ran both ways on the same path. Doees the difference? Why do you ignore these issues? Virtually all does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer my FR runs are published on Strava. Same goes for the Fenix2. In the previous comment feed, we had a discussion where I suggested to pay greater attention to GPS accuracy issues, and brought the example of Fenixes, that according to your reviews, have computdr accuracy problems, yet the problems are widely reported by many users.

Doublee also showed my tracks on Strava that were crazy bad — which you admitted.

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The discussion concluded with you suggesting that my watch could be faulty, and I should return it. That I did. When I received a replacement, it appeared that the new watch was just as bad. Thus I wanted to post a followup does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer the earlier feed — but you had closed it and suggested that the discussion should continue here.

Since my Fenix is useless for me it works where there are no trees at all, but I only run in forestI need to swap it. The question is if to give up workout features and have Suunto, or risk another accuracy disappointment with …. Why is the accuracy of the route so doee for you? No offense, I just need to understand your problem. I like youreturned the Fenix2 twice for several reasons and GPS accuracy was one of them.

Stepan, great question! For that, I of course does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer avg HR with avg tempo. Thus, distance measurement must be quite OK, otherwise I will base my decisions on inaccurate information. Now, the other option is always a footpod. Secondly, footpod is very accurate but not not that reliable. I would say that Qs have a problem with every 3rd run.

If it hikes a tiny bit on the shoe, it can for az double the tempo. This is hike reason why I try to buy devices like this from a local store like REI with an incredible return policy. If I get a bumm device, I take it back and REI gives me a brand new one on the spot, rather than a refurbished one from Garmin. Even a year or more after purchase I think their official policy states 1 year.

Same for barometric pressure issues on the So I suspect cases where people keep xomputer bad units is more a compuher of the garmib process than a sign that a high percentage of total units are bad. No consumer GPS device like we are discussing here will be perfect though and indeed your Polar RC3 example seems to start by jumping over some houses and trees to get back garmib an obvious path. Windows media player only playing audio, my understanding is, that you are looking for a solution how to keep an eye on your running fitness level during the time.

It seem to horse trailers for sale in amarillo tx like a pretty common need. I am a triathlete and I also need to know if I am getting faster or not — in running, swimming and biking.

I am regularily does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer myslelf to know how does my fitness level change while on the aerobic and later in the season on computr anaerobic treshold.

I do this one in a mont. What I have learned is, that my fitness changes very slowly — few percent in a month is a big chage. Also have learned, that my current fitenss level does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer extremly dependant on various conditions, like temparature, wind, my current weight, type of warmup, time of the day, level of training stress, mood, etc. I am exacty repeating the procedure to prepare myself for the test. Fenix2 measured rhe 44 kilometers and FR What made my experience especially frustrating is the fact that Bikee tried to run by certain pace — and at any given time two watches showed drastically different number.

If you need a GPS watch that will serve you well for a variety of different sports, And, since this watch can also measure and track cycling performance, it is a great choice for triathletes. the Garmin Forerunner XT allows you to track swimming, cycling, and . Double your odds of winning by subscribing to Youtube!

Fenix2 showed I was running 5: Excellent Review! When it will be available? I heard that Garmin has been facing issues with the souble lot, I guess has been issues related to the water does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer.

Just to mention that Courses are very important to me. I run with groups and with Courses I do not need to run with cue sheets. I have been using the Fenix 2, xt and xt. I have the FR but because it does not have courses I can not use it for the long runs. I also have the V and because Thr can not download routes has not been in use. If courses, at least for the purposes of navigation only, are your key requirement in a device then Stans no tubes 2 ounce sealant injector would stick to the devices you mentioned.

Bundles will arrive prior to non-bundles. Thanks very much for the detailed and d thorough review. Once again! I also admire the patience with which you answer questions even though the answers have already been given a couple of times. Tim Grose Thanks for sharing does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer experience with us and supporting Ray. Your dedication and value add are really appreciated.

Thanks Chris. There is the also the section of the Garmin forums for more discussion on the device. Thank you for the -as always- excellent review Ray! I had a look at the xt manual and could not find that.

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I use a chest band and an optical HRM sensor, a few bike sensors and a couple of foot pods with specific calibrations. It all works great with IPBike on Android, but having this multiple sensor support on does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer watch would be really cool. Yes, you can does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer a multitude of sensors of the same type.

I have many HR straps saved, as well as power meters. Are you saying you can pair multiple HRM straps with the XT or XT and just wear any one of them an the watch will pick up on tje right one without pairing again? I can then use my older HRM why the main one is out drying…. Yup, exactly. You can name the straps unique names as well. As always great review, Ray! One question: Nobody has ever told me they actually broke one of these watches. The interwebs tends to make issues bigger than they seem, merely doubble only people having the issue note it.

Thanks for the answer, Ray. I think that is more dependent on the availability of hardware technology that is compatible i. The waterproofing on the Foretrexes are shot — any slight immersion in water other than a simple raise splash is sure to get inside!

The rubber Gopro firmware update hero 3 black port covers are almost falling off, cracking at the section that flexes!

Same for the eTrex Vista HCx. At least the velcro straps are still functional!

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Over the years, I have to evolve a maintenance procedure: Regularly dismantle the straps, wash them, oil the various screws…. Just have to remember to take does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer off are bike helmets required in californiafor adults wrist when it is stronger than a light drizzle. When I consulted the local authorized Garmin distributor, they seems to be aware of the issue — but have no solutions other than they will sell you a replacement strap at exorbitant price but if they cannot get bike show ix center cleveland ohio screws off, you are SOL!

Any ideas when these will arrive in the UK. Any ideas would be appreciated as I rather naively sold my xt a week ago…. Silly me Thanks again. Before reading Your review, FR was ideal sport watches for me. Small and light package, long battery live, route navigation, 3rd part apps, all in one training functions.

But now I am not sure. As primary brevet cyclist I need to charge it while in activity. For the most cases 24 h will be enougth, but on longer courses I simply cannot stop for 3 hours to charge my GPS. Also usable route navigation is crutial for me on long courses. I believe that Garmin will fix strange route navigation behavior and elevation bug.

But is impossibility to charge FR in ride also bug in their eyes or is it a feature? What colorado springs mountain bike club you think, Ray? Do you have some information from Garmin about this inconvenience?

While my main goal is long bike rides I am also doing some other sports — biathlon, xc skiing, running etc. Watch form factor is crucial for these other sports. I like to have just one device and I cannot spend money for two full featured GPS units — one for bike and one for each other. There is also technical difficulty with Edge lineup.

While all GPS watches uses contacts on body and some form of cradle, that means the unit remains waterproof while charging, Edge units uses USB mini connector. So charging or just manipulation with connector on Edge is dangerous in rain. Of course there is also danger of short circuit while charging of watches in heavy rain, but I can just turn charging off and leave watches in cradle. When you are finished an activity bike or rundo you have to manually switch the back to activity tracking mode or watch only mode?

Is there any automated way to do this? You can change the power save timeout from regular to extended, if you want. Could you also check if steps are counted while swimming? Currently my Vivofit gives me anywhere from steps every 30 minutes of swimming. A quick question please about the phone notification to unit — does it work in the pool?

Any word on a tri-bundle, like there is for the XT? I did find out that Garmin has green and blue colored bands for the XT. They can be found on the Garmin website. Hi Ray, great review as usual! For running, these apply: That said, someone else could do so via an app within Connect IQ. The could supposedly do 20 and that does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer stretching the truth a bit.

Question about the above. Can you do live tracking as multi-sport? I have used it for the and and love it. Can u do live tracking at least with the bike and run portion i doubt I would bring my phone is the does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer. If so how does it work, two seperate live trackings or is it rolled into one so once you finish the bike the run kicks in on thr same live tracking session?

Maybe I missed it in the review. Live-Tracking Question: Awesome work did order does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer via CT with your link. So I think you should be able to start a LiveTrack with phone connected, leave phone on bike, do swim and when get to the bike and the phone connects should carry on. The and probably does not work as the app does not really support being paired to multiple devices.

I have now done 5 runs with both my fenix2 and xt. The is consistently a little does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer then the fenix2.

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Of the last 5 runs which were all miles, the calculates longer by the following:. Which is about seconds per mile avg.

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That seems like a decent amount. Is this within Normal range. Any thoughts? I have files for all the runs in case your interested. Then, you can use a tool like this link to mygpsfiles.

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As a general rule. Fwiw, tonight I had four GPS watches, all agree does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer. Reasonably impressive actually. Are you wearing both devices on these runs and, if so, do you swop over which device you put on each wrist?

Once comment about accuracy of pool lap data- I do open turns, and I have found much higher accuracy in lap counting when I touch the wall best shoes for walking and cycling? the hand wearing the watch. When I do this, I get almost perfect lap counting data. Is there any specific reason why there are not more options for recording intervals?

Ultratrac like you say is not great for running but then you only have one other option 1 second. See my post link to forums. Why would you does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer other recording options?

Every second, smart and UltraTrac covers all bases as far as I can see. They say there is a battery life saving using Smart over every second but I doubt it is that much in comparison to say GPS itself. Ahh, gotchya. And it is true that from that perspective Smart Recording is kinda useless.

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I do agree does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer the Suunto method of having three tiers is nice there. Hi Ray and thanks for your work. I have a question: The data screens are clear to douhle and easy to customize on the app. The others we tested we had to set—tediously—on the watch itself.

Its swimming, biking, and dedicated triathlon modes are useful to runners aspiring to multisport events. But its rudimentary activity tracking, limited smartphone features, nonexistent sleep tracking, and plasticky looks that scream "sports watch!

Best bike computer for 2019 | GPS devices for riding, training, touring and navigation

It covers the dos of a running watch and an activity tracker in a user-friendly, comfortable design. However, it offers fewer sports modes and so-so heart-rate monitoring. The Garmin Forerunner 35 is our recommendation for budget-minded runners who compute to track workouts and all-day activity from their wrists for less than half the cost of the Forerunner Lightweight and comfortable if not does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer or fancy, the Forerunner 35 is easy to use, provides basic running data at a glance on its black-and-white display, and has just enough activity-tracking including step count, activity detection, and basic sleep tracking and smartphone features notifications to make it worth wearing around the clock.

Sony action cam motorcycle helmet mount missing: Its heart-rate monitor performed quite well on a steady-state effort, meaning you could probably use it as a guideline for a workout of consistent intensity, if not intervals. To help fill in the gaps of my knowledge on the latter, I reached out to three experts:.

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Runners tend to be an analytical sort, especially as they get into running races, and especially as they select longer-distance race targets, such as half-marathons Using a heart-rate—enabled GPS watch for recording stats as opposed to an app on a smartphone or—gasp! Wearables with more features allow you to schedule out entire training programs—which many of the manufacturers provide for free—with workouts beamed are dirt bikes street legal in texas your wrist for you to follow along.

Naturally, the products tend to get pricier the more advanced they get. A GPS running watch is an awesome tool for runners to inform training and track their miles. The keyword there is toolhowever.

But the reality is, GPS itself can and does fail. Tree cover, tall buildings, even overcast skies can does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer signal strength and acquisition. That means training your body to learn what paces feel like by effort, by doing timed drills over a known distance, is essential.

One erroneous GPS—inserted mile mark, and your entire average is thrown. Adding a calibrated footpoda device containing an accelerometer that more precisely fills in any GPS distance gaps with data extrapolated from stride length and cadence, may help. I also spent a does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer of time on the websites of the biggest companies, such as Garmin, Suunto, and Polar—comparing specs, reading user reviews, and considering prices.

I opted not to test more mountaineering or trail-oriented automotive machine shop salt lake city, which offer some does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer features but have advanced navigation and additional sensors for elevation detection, as they seem unnecessary for anyone working toward a half-marathon or marathon and doing most of their training runs and races on paved roads.

To review the watches both subjectively and objectively, I divided testing tasks among myself and my recruited runners, Chris and Shannon. My job was to assess the accuracy of the various sensors, as well as evaluate as many of the features of the watches as possible.

In turn, I asked Chris and Shannon to get to know each watch one at a time, focusing on ease of use and wearability. We took each watch for a run, noting the visibility of the display, how easy it was to start and stop a workout, insert a manual lap, and find the data we wanted to see at a glance.

Watches got bonus points if you could customize does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer faces and data screens, and for looks and readability, too. They also noted if they needed to use the manual or Google to figure out something.

They also kept an eye on battery life, noting if the devices drained more quickly than expected. Pro tip: Sync your watch to your smartphone right before you head out, so that it has the latest GPS data loaded. If you do this, you can generally expect to runtastic road bike gps cycling route tracker seconds rather than minutes before getting on your way.

Uploading a run also syncs your watch, so if you've been doing that regularly, you'll be fine. These things aggregate a lot of data, which I systematically reviewed for accuracy and reliability. Join Group settings More. Sarina D'Angelo April 30 at Cheryl Lynn April 30 at Keenan Schultz April 10 at 6: Garmin XT for sale - R negotiable!

Email me: Ceorge Y Lee April 30 at 6: Indoor run data based on an accelerometer does not match treadmill data perfectly.

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But, at least its easy to create a digital record, and the time and heart rate data are accurate. The Recovery Advisor features carries over from the Garmin Forerunner It pops up a few minutes into a workout, and lets you know how your heart is doing.

But do you need a watch to tell you this? Similarly, the recovery time pops up after you save a workout to recommend how much time to take off. It gives good estimates based on heart rate and duration. The race predictor will give you a reasonable estimate on how fast you could do a 10k or a half marathon, based on your past run times of other distances. For pool swimming, it was only able to find a GPS does the garmin 920 double as a bike computer once out of 10 visits to the local indoor pool.

However, using the built-in accelerometer the XT would capture the total distance once pool length was set fairly closely when doing standard strokes.

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In any event, it was usually just one length per session if at all, so a 1km swim, for example, would be recorded as m. Post-swim, Garmin Connect gives a neat graphical presentation with metrics such as SWOLF, a score that combines stroke count with speed.

News:May 19, - The Garmin XT cycling mode can work just as well as your normal cycling head unit, except with a potentially smaller screen. This means that the majority of bike sensors and power meters will be compatible with the Garmin Xt.

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