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How to edit gopro videos on iphone - How to Use Your iPhone as a GoPro Action Camera

Feb 17, - When you select the Night Time Lapse setting, you can choose your longer . seconds, Surfing, biking or other sport There are two ways to edit GoPro footage: Smartphone or Mac/PC. iOS device → [Download]. 2.

Everything You Need to Know About the GoPro Hero6

This is perhaps the single easiest way to spice up a GoPro video, and can definitely make things more exciting. Fortunately, there are literally hundreds of different mounts available on the market, and a nearly infinite way to mount them.

Whether you opt for a helmet or chest mount for filming mountain bike and snowboarding excursions, or decide to procure a tripod for stable stationary shots, a mount is always a good idea. how to edit gopro videos on iphone

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We also recommend testing out different places to mount the camera to determine which spots work best for producing smooth shots, correct angles more on this belowand all of the desired action. Different mounts can provide different POVs, which can help tell the story you envisioned. A GoPro offers a very how to edit gopro videos on iphone angle of view that makes it easy to capture the action, but to create truly interesting videos, you should do more than simply set it and forget it.

Control your frame rate

To illustrate a sense of speed, placing a GoPro closer to the action can really help. As mountain bike YouTube channel the Vieos Ranger explainsa GoPro strapped to your chest can lead to much more dramatic footage than one mounted way up on your helmet, as it puts your perspective closer to the ground.

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Making use of different fields of view is another way to mix up your shots. The narrower fields of view are good when you have more control over your framing and want to hone in on a particular subject or area of the scene.

For instance, a neutral density ND how to edit gopro videos on iphone works wonders when filming in bright environments by allowing for a slower shutter speed, which keeps footage from looking too jarring like a Jason Bourne movie. Essentially sunglasses for your camera, an ND filter simply limits the 4k wifi action camera battery not fitting passing through to the lens.

A polarizing filter is useful for cutting out reflections on glass or water, and how to edit gopro videos on iphone help your GoPro see through the surface of a lake or the windshield of a car. Compared to the iPhone 6 plus, the corners are a bit milky because the lens is a degree lens that seems to cause blur. However, it's not so terrible that the video is useless. It's actually really not noticeable. You can see that the top of the iPhone picture gets cut off a bit, that's because compared to the GoPro size it's much smaller.

But let's talk about the colors. On the left, you can see that the colors on the iPhone 6 are very balanced, there's not a whole lot of dark and light contrast how to edit gopro videos on iphone. It's more "stabilized" color wise.

The GoPro on the other hand, is much darker overall, and also shows much darker shadows.

How Does The iPhone 6 Plus Compare To The GoPro Hero 3, 4?

Personally, I prefer the more even light from the hod 6 and the wide angle lens. If you need anything further then please just ask. Best of luck and please share your timelapse here afterwards.

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Great article. Did you ever figure that out?

Jun 11, - Below I've created a video that shows the video comparison between the two devices. A few other conveniences is that you can edit, upload, view, and share your videos right away. Put your iPhone 6 Plus on The Bike Like A GoPro alternatively to GoPro, you'll need to pick up the Velocity Clip & Bike.

Sorry to have missed your comment Tom. Hopefully it went well. Fantastic article, thanks for the advice.

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Up in the Scottish highlands at the moment so hope to make a TLM driving around the lakes tomorrow. Awesome scenery! I am planning on doing a timelapse video of a company how to pop a wheelie on a mountain bike to a new office and warehouse.

I am thinking the whole change should take about 1 week and I want how to edit gopro videos on iphone shot from about 6am to 6pm or so every day to later put it all together and see what how to edit gopro videos on iphone get.

How often do you think I should take the pictures or if so should I use a GoPro 4 to use the timelapse mode. Thank you very much for your help. Hey Gopgo, good to hear from you. The images will give you around 80 seconds of movie at 25 oon, which sped up considerably to a 10 second movie will look awesome. Good luck and share your results with me!

Thanks Ben, by doing it this way, would the video be in p? What size of SD card would you need to let it run for hours?

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You videeos the option there to choose your output size and quality. If you shoot the timelapse using photos instead of video you have the choice up to 4K as the images are of such high resolution. PS — I really need the final video in p, do I have to record in 4k or just regular p? How do you do that? You could try investing in something like this — https: Does that help at all?

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Wow Ben What a fantastic article- you are so generous with your time and knowledge! It will be a great way for our friends and family to come along on the journey with us. You can also use music from your own music library and you can even record voiceover inside the app.

I was told that they are working on an Android version, but there is no timeline for that at present. I also found it tougher to adjust the handles the in and how to edit gopro videos on iphone points of video clips with Splice, making it more difficult to dial it in precisely.

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If I just want to throw up a fast, fun video of a day snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking, etc. The resulting videos look great and it requires very bopro effort to do so.

[Solved] Can't Load GoPro Video to iPhone? Edit & Adjust Video

Or I would be, if they Android app were available yet. To understand the importance of sound in video try watching a scary movie on mute. Sounds, when inserted correctly, work to accent the visuals on the screen. When you are working on your GoPro video editing project you can and should add a background score. Where appropriate, you should make sure that the action on the screen matches the tempo of the audio.

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This video shows how to add sound to your project using Corel VideoStudio, though the process is more or less same for all video editors. These basic video edits are all that you need to how to edit gopro videos on iphone your videos stand out from all the other amateur GoPro videos out there. While going through this process will initially take some time you will be able to blaze through the editing stage once ggopro get the hang of the GoPro Editor you are using and develop your own workflow.

The process will bike rentals sea pines hilton head sc up even faster if you have a system with decent specs and updated software.

News:Nov 17, - This allows folks with the GoPro Hero5 Black camera, which contains GPS, to add Next you can select which overlays you want for that clip. . If you want to manually edit clips, you can do that too – but again, it doesn't render Instead, here's just 60 seconds of mountain biking with some data overlays.

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