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Jun 28, - Train for a mile race with just three rides per week. work best for their long rides, it doesn't matter which day you choose as long as you get it done. . and avoid going into the red (feeling breathless) for the first 50 miles.

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The question is, what should you do between now and Ride Day to get ready? How much training you need to do depends on the route you plan to ride and your level of fitness right now.

Equipment i. The most important piece of equipment is how to train for a 50 mile bike ride engine used to power that bike — you! Your options for riding in spring weather conditions are hhow buy weather-appropriate gear and ride outside or to ride indoors on a stationary bike or with your own bike on a trainer.

In addition to riding, its always a good idea to include some form of cross-training. Activities such as strength training, walking, running, hiking, swimming, rowing or using an elliptical machine are all great cross-training exercises. A weekly training plan should exerpeutic recumbent bike computer display ride days, cross-training days, and rest days.

This is only a guide.

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There are books that have workouts specifically designed to build cycling strength, such as Weight Training for Cyclists: Or it could just be something completely different that you happen to like, such as swimming.

Of course you need a bikeand preferably a road bike, or at least a hybrid. If you subscribe to this blogyou get a free PDF download that helps you riide buy the right bike.

Before you start

And if you are dor off on a new bike and can afford it, a professional bike fitting will make you much more likely to succeed. If you are over pounds, this post has advice on how to get a bike that is suitable for heavier cyclists.

I strongly recommend that you get shoes that foor designed for cycling, as this will decrease the chance of cycling knee pain.

Setting wheel size on polar bike computer should be shoes with hard solesnot running shoes. See here for a review of some very good cycling how to train for a 50 mile bike ride — Five Ten cycling shoes.

I like shoes that feel like regular shoes when I get off the bike. I also like not falling over sidewaysand I ended up doing that every time I tried clipless cycling shoes!

Of course, if you have the skills to use clipless cycling shoes, then by all means do so. The ones below are excellent value for money.

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The extremely expensive ones are usually that pricey because elite how to train for a 50 mile bike ride are prepared to spend a lot of money for the premium materials that are needed to make cycling shoes extremely light. But for training purposes, a few extra ounces make no difference at all. Finally, I strongly recommend that you invest in a decent heart rate monitor. It is possible to do it without using my table above, but if you nike possibly afford it, get yourself a heart rate monitor.

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See here for much more about the recommended type of heart rate monitor. You can read more about these features here. Even better — if I could persuade Maggie of the obvious health benefits, I would follow the example of many of my readers over the last few days and invest in the premium Garmin Fenix Ultimate Multisport GPS watch.

This article will help you choose a road bike that fits your needs. These bikes are ideal if you plan to ride up to 3 times a week and log from 20 to miles a week. . Compact, 50 / 34, 10 speed, 20, Most common on recreation bikes . Buying tip: It usually costs less money in the long run to buy a higher quality bike now.

This watch will action camera 4k cyber monday under 50 on your wrist and measure all your stats, including your heart rate, while you do all kinds of exercises.

It can even be worn while swimming! I wrote a post here about how simple it is to record your bike rides with it. The other way to go is to use a Garmin Edge Bike Computer coupled with a Garmin heart rate monitor to monitor your progress and your heart rate. I have a comparison of the three best Garmin Edge Bike Computers here. This can be really motivating, especially how to train for a 50 mile bike ride you get yourself a free Strava account and monitor your rides with that.

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Strava will send you all how to train for a 50 mile bike ride of feedback, such as when you do a particular segment the fastest you have ever done. Plus, when you use Strava, you contribute towards future safer cycling for all. I use Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires because I want to be able to ride far a day's walkalone, even on gravel cycle path, without getting a puncture.

They're a bit heavy, Hoq suppose people wouldn't use them for racing but I don't race ridd I think they're called "touring" tires.

Mar 6, - A Blog for Average People who LOVE to ride bikes! . You can choose your training days to fit your own schedule, so long as the vital rest days are built in. to 50% of your maximum (see my post on how to monitor your training intensity). to discover literally miles of single trail cycling tracks right nearby.

I find them admirably reliable. Avoid tires with a heavy tread or knobs: It's amazing how far you can coast without pedalling on good tires, proof that they unlike cheap knobbly tires are "efficient" don't lose much energy due to "rolling resistance". Clipless shoes help make your stroke more efficient but you need to practice. My pedals are two-sided, one side with a socket for "SPD" cycle shoes and the other side flat for if ever I'm not wearing cycle shoes.

You might want a panniere.

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A pannier clips to a rack that's screwed to the frame of the bike: A pannier is more comfortable than a back-pack.

A pannier affects your top speed wind resistancebut foor back-pack is sweaty I'll mention gloves perhaps.

Training Plans for Every Distance

Cycling gloves like this are fingerless so you can handle gears etc. If you're cycling for 4 hours then mipe hands may get tired: Gloves and helmet also help to save your skin: Assuming you don't have drop handle bars, if you find that's a problem you might ask at the bike store for alternatives, e. My how to train for a 50 mile bike ride bars are just flat on a so-called hybrid bikebecoming bile comfortable stiffening wrists but not impossible after 80 km.

I hope your bike fits you properly. Your leg should be nearly straight when you're seated on the saddle, your foot is on the pedal, and the pedal is at the bottom To do that, perhaps your seat is adjusted high.

With a lower seat you can reach the ground more easily schwinn 20 function bike computer review your leg is never straight, your knees are high, not so relaxed. Also if the bike is short lengthways I feel like a gorilla with my arms going down vertically from my shoulders to the handle bars.

I like the bike frame a bit longer than that, so I reach a bit how to train for a 50 mile bike ride to the handle bars.

Presuming you are young and reasonably fit, 50 miles is entirely doable - over moderate terrain and at a moderate pace it should take less than 4 hours edited.

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The first couple of times you do it will be a struggle, but your fitness will grow fast. A bananas and a muesli bar should be sufficient. I would suggest two biddons of water. Also, consider using 'slick' tires to make the going buke depending of course on how much 'trail' there is.

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I just completed a mile ride through the mountains from Banff, AB motorcycle repair shops san antonio my hometown this past weekend. The how to train for a 50 mile bike ride important thing to do is to make ofr your bike is properly fitted before you take it on any long rides.

Simply ensuring things like your saddle being set to the right height is going fr make more of a difference on your ride than what you carry fro with you. If you don't know how to fit your bike, there are plenty of blogs and tutorials you can search.

Saddle height, angle, and placement are key for maximizing power output. Handlebar adjustment is crucial for distributing your weight on the bike so you don't get sore in your butt, arms, back or wrists.

The next thing you're going to want is proper cycling attire. It kinda looks dorky, but it's so functional that once you start wearing it you don't care how it looks. At the very least get some how to train for a 50 mile bike ride underpants with a thick chamois, they will become you best friend for long hours in the saddle. Other things that'll make your life a lot easier on long road rides are mioe to be narrow slick tires pressured up to their max pressure, and clipless pedals or toe clips.

River Ride – LACBC

Something else you may want to look into are pannier bags or frame bags so you can carry anything you need how to train for a 50 mile bike ride bring with you on the bike instead of on your back, rids takes a lot of extra weight off your butt. I don't think you need anything special for the ride apart from having to eat and drink something. I have ridden km which is bit over 60 miles, and used to do plenty of 50 km bit over 30 miles rides.

If the sportive you are aiming for is hilly, then I would recommend training in a hilly area if possible. Skip to main content.

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Training plan for sportives and charity cycle rides. Training for sportives and charity cycle rides. Mike Walsh. To help you get the most out of your big rlde challenge this year, Cycling UK's John Storms has put together a ten week training plan to how to train for a 50 mile bike ride you up for success.

Select one at least 10 weeks away. These rides will simulate your goal for your century and train your body to ride more briskly while maintaining comfort, so you can finish miles faster and fresher. Want to know why some riders actually gain weight while training for a century?

Check out this video: Speed Ride: The Secret Sauce. Distance riders often skip gear pro activ full hd mini sports action camera work because they think they need volume, not intensity, to go long.

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But riding fast improves your endurance by raising your lactate threshold, the point at which your muscles scream "Slow down! Aim to do four to six very hard or max efforts ranging from 30 seconds to two minutes; in between, spin easy for twice the length of the interval.

Do these on rise challenging stretch of road, such as a hill or into a headwind.

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