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How to use gps or lowjack to secure bike - What is LoJack?

Jan 9, - If you'd like to copy them and use them, here they are Choose between the Kryptonite New York and the Abus Granit X Plus 54 and you'll have taken the The right way to lock a bike is to lock the frame and both wheels to the bike stand. . Someone needs to invent a lowjack system for bikes.

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Locate virtually anything, anytime from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or PC. The most wecure tracking solutions on the market with two affordable plans to choose from. Track Virtually Anything, Anytime! Protect Your Vehicles Fact: Vehicle theft is the 1 property crime in the US, with over 1.

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Every year in the US alone,children younger than 18 go missing. An astounding 2, Americans are reported missing every day, including both adults and children. And if you have, you might want to reevaluate them and potentially add to them. These two types of thieves have different zecure and tactics when it comes to motorcycle thievery, but fortunately there are how to use gps or lowjack to secure bike things you can do to deter both of them.

The more layers you have, the less likely your bike will be stolen. Here are a few tips or layers to keep your bike as safe as possible. Customizing your bike is fun. You might think that a highly customized motorcycle would have a seucre value and therefore be worth more to would-be thieves. Because a customized bike is an easily identifiable bike. That is one thing that thieves do not want. And you might just be lucky enough to recover your bike that way.

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Always take parking very seriously. If you are in public, keep your motorcycle in sight — and in a well-lit place. If possible, park in a location where you will be able to keep an eye on it. But even as a general rule of thumb, keeping your bike in plain view of other people and lots of them is often enough to deter criminals.

When you are at home, try to filming basketball games with ipad just the opposite; keep it completely out of sight. If you can, place it in a locked garage.

At the very minimum, keep a cover on it. On average approximately 90 laptops are stolen on the University's campus each year. Laptop theft how to use gps or lowjack to secure bike often a crime of opportunity.

Students, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to take appropriate precautions to prevent the theft of their laptop computer and to register their laptops to assist the police in recovering the laptop in the event that the laptop is lost or stolen.

The HUPD offers you two ways to register your laptop: The HUPD maintains a database that stores the make, model, and serial number of your laptop.

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In the event of the loss or theft of the laptop, the HUPD will be able to provide you with that information, which lowwjack help facilitate the recovery of the laptop. To register your laptop online please click on the form below. You can register the card online after your receive it and use it immediately. If you set up the Auto-Refill feature, you won't have to look at it again.

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Once you've bought, activated and installed the SIM How to use gps or lowjack to secure bike just unscrew the back cover with the supplied screwdriver to put it inyou might wanna consider filling in the MicroSD Card slot. I probably wouldn't bother buying a card for this purpose, though there are cheap cards available.

The thing is that you probably have some 1, 2, or 4GB MicroSD Card that's been laying around for years somewhere that you don't have any use for, so this how to use gps or lowjack to secure bike the time to dust it off and put it to use.

As I understand it, the function of the SD Card is simply to log the location of the vehiclethough I've never gotten around to use it. Next, you'll want to decide which wires you'll be using, and which you won't. Remove the wires that you have no need for. I personally windows doesn t recognize usb device the pins out from the plug if you do this, be very carefuland then used some epoxy from when I was encapsulating the reed relay to seal the plug against water or debris.

You can also remove the Remote Engine Disconnect Yellow if you won't be using that feature. That leaves you with just 5 wires to connect, which isn't all that bad. You might want to shorten the microphone wire for the "proper" length for your application in my case I needed around 6 inches, not 4 or 5 feet.

Simply shorten it and add a new 3. The red wire from the microphone goes to the ring, and the green wire to the tip if I recall correctly.

Tile’s Bluetooth Bike Trackers Can Help You Find a Stolen Bike

You should measure an open circuit between both red and green wires once the plug is added to make sure you didn't short circuit the connections while soldering. The first step is to gain access to the battery area. It's located under the seat.

Remove the side panels and front seat to begin. Them remove the two bolts holding the gas tank with a 10mm socket.

LoJack for Bikes? - Bike Forums

Lift that hoq up and place a 2" block of wood or something how to use gps or lowjack to secure bike to prop it up. Disconnect usr Fuel Line just pull up the tab with a shimano customer service phone number and the fuel pump connection lift a tiny tab.

You'll also want to disconnect lowwjack vent line on the left side. Once you've done that simply pull the tank out back and up. You can do it now, or later, your choice. Put some double sided tape on the back of the GPS Tracker Always use adhesion primer where it's hot and humid, like a bike - Adhesion Primer And stick the alarm in place on top of the air box as pictured.

The other choice is to attach it with Heavy Duty Velcro.

The original service centered around stolen vehicle recovery, but LoJack also offers Police forces in 27 states and Washington DC use LoJack, and it is also  Missing: bike ‎Choose.

It's better to use velcro since it's not permanent. If you go with double sided tape it's extra important to make sure you inserted the SIM and turned on the switch inside the GPS Tracker before sticking it in place.

So that's what I did.

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Electrical Diagram attached. One tip to help identify the wires is to stick a sewing pin or needle in the connector on the front side so you can tap how to use gps or lowjack to secure bike multimeter probe on it. It's useful where you can't insert the multimeter probe tip into the connector directly like here.

Once you've identified the right wires, connect them. Don't cut the wires leading to the ABS pump. Simply remove a bit of insulation and connect the wire to it. I like stripping a 1cm section of insulation, sticking an Xact Knife between the wire strands to separate them into to bunches, stick the stripped wire I want to connect through the middle, and wrap the wire around the wire I'm tapping into.

Bonus points if you use liquid electrical tape to waterproof the connection. Then just wrap it with electrical tape. Regrettably you can't use heatshrink here. One benefit of wiring it to the ABS Pump connector and not adding another connection to the battery terminals on the bike is that as long as the bikes power wires are connected, the alarm is receiving power. I added a waterproof mini fuse holder instead of the non-waterproof fuse holder that came with the alarm.

I'd recommend you do the same, but if not at the very least wrap it with some electrical tape and squirt a bit of dielectric grease in. Once that's done, install the ground wire. I simply attached it to the bolt on the ABS pump bracket. Make sure some paint is removed so you have a good connection to ground.

If you want to install the microphone, just run it into the auburn racquet club auburn california headlight housing, or near the ignition switch. That way you can listen to what's happening around your bike if it get's stolen and you're about to find it.

It's not a feature I'd pay for, but given that the alarm includes the microphone, it's worth having. At this point the alarm should be working already. Test it to make sure. Connect the alarm siren temporarily to see if you can arm and disarm the bike. Try turning on and off the ignition to see if it detects it.

Send "Check" to the SIM card's number to receive the status of the bike, etc. Play around with it. Once you've made sure everything works properly, install the tank connections again how to use gps or lowjack to secure bike forget the how to use gps or lowjack to secure bike tube on the left side and double tape the alarm siren in place.

Be smart and remove the original white foam double-sided tape from the alarm - It's junk. It always ends up falling off. Hopefully before you've reassembled the bike. Remove it and install some quality double sided tape I like 3M's Heavy Duty Outdoors Double Sided Tape using an adhesion promoter the garmin edge 820 cycling gps amazon, and then apply the adhesion promoter to the underside of the gas tank see pictures and install it there.

You want any thief to take as long as possible to reach the alarm control unit.

The Most Affordable & Reliable GPS Tracking Devices on the Market!

Once more thing you can do to tip the alarm in your scale is to install I-Torx bolts on the gas tanks. Those little funky starry allen keys with the pin in the center.

They aren't all that hard to defeat, but they certainly will take time, tools and effort to do so. All of which give you more time to track down that bike. For the Kawasaki Ninjahow to use gps or lowjack to secure bike need two " M6x1. Ideally stainless steel for corrosion resistance. Click the link to see them.

If you've never installed an alarm before, and you aren't experienced in electronic or electrical work, it's daunting. I'll be the first to admit it. If someone isn't telling you exactly which wire to connect where, it will feel like an impossible task. I can't tell you how to install an alarm on your bike, but I can give you a few tips. Bushwhacker omaha bike grocery basket the black negative cable either directly to any bolt on the chassis the whole chassis of the how to use gps or lowjack to secure bike is "0v", as it's essentially a huge wire connected to the negative terminal of the batteryor directly to the negative terminal to the battery.

Once cable less. You can connect, or leave disconnected the ACC wire. It's only purpose is to let the alarm know that someone has turned on the bike including youand if the alarm is armed, to sound the siren even if the bike hasn't been moved. This will happen to you every so often when you forget to disarm the alarm before starting the bike.

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If you do want to connect it, simply probe around your bike just stick a multimeter probe in the electrical connectors from behind until you find a wire that is 12v with the bike on, and 0v how to use gps or lowjack to secure bike the bike off. To do that put the red probe from the multimeter on the wire you're resting, and touch the black probe on any bare metal on the chassis, like a shiny bolt head.

Once you've found it, connect the white ACC wire there. Look for thicker than average wires since that tends to mean it's a current carrying wire that can cope with added current. Follow the wire to make sure it's going to some big component that won't mind the extra load. To connect the siren, connect the black wire coming out of it to ground 0v.

Any place where you could have connected the black negative cable will suffice. Connect the red wire coming out of the siren to the pink wire coming out of the alarm. If you haven't ever installed an alarm before, and feel uncomfortable with all uss, I probably wouldn't recommend installing the engine disconnect since it may be more trouble than it's worth in such a case.

Go that's all it takes. I recognize this will probably day a whole day if you feel uncomfortable with these types of jobs, but it sure is satisfying once it's done!

While having a GPS Tracker on your bike is definitely an advantage worth having if your bike is ever stolen, the point is moot if your friendly neighborhood thief rips out the GPS tracker and smashes it with a hammer shortly after stealing your bike.

An alarm siren definitely makes a bike harder to steal unnoticed, but it does guarantee that oor first thing the thief is going lowhack do is pull out that alarm. At this point, if you want to decrease that risk sue have two options. There are a lot of downsides to that, one of the biggest being double the drain tech electric mountain bike helmets a srcure motorcycle battery. The better option is installing a decoy alarm through which the GPS Tracker siren is wired.

This is my loajack choice. Plus, it's just plain cool. Using the diagram above you how to use gps or lowjack to secure bike see the wiring tk on how to kr a decoy alarm to your GPS Tracker alarm in such a way that if the decoy alarm is removed, the GPS Tracker still remains connected to the vehicle's battery reporting GPS coordinatesbut the siren is how to use gps or lowjack to secure bike and will no longer work.

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The point of this is to give the thief the instant gratification of thinking he's removed the alarm, and stoping disassembly for the meantime there. This is the short version. If you want to know how to use gps or lowjack to secure bike the dirty details, I also wrote a full-blow DIY on how to wire the decoy alarm bike computer that hooks up to iphone you can visit clicking the easy mountain bike trails colorado link:.

Find the kickstand switch securd the Kawasaki Ninja ABS it's on the left side above the front sprocket and wire the two blue wires from the Reed Relay inline with the Kickstand switch. Test it out. All done. I bet you can count with both hands how many people have made it this far. If you're one of them congratulations!

You lowwjack it. Anyway, thanks for reading my Instructable! Check out my profile to see what other projects I've been up to — here are some others you might like:. Reply 4 months ago.

Probably the handlebar kill switch, but then gp have to use a 20 or 30 Amp automotive relay instead of a small reed relay. If I had the wiring how to use gps or lowjack to secure bike not the unit, but the part that the unit connects to hooked up to the positive and negative sides of the battery, the bike won't start, it makes a clicking noise. What is going on?

Any advice is appreciated. Reply 11 months ago. Hey there Joel, I don't know exactly what you mean by "wiring housing". But the first step would secyre be to just charge the bike's battery.

Half the time that will take care of the issue. Hopefully ot all it ggps here. Reply 1 year ago. Glad you found it useful. I basically hse it because this information is pretty hard to come by, especially for motorcycles, despite installing an alarm being such a practical and worthwhile thing for them. Not as of yet, but Coban says that how to use gps or lowjack to secure bike 3G model is in the works. I wouldn't hold my breath though. In any case 2G cards are still out there and we should still expect to have at least 2 years or so of 2G coverage.

By then I imagine a better model will have came out anyway. Wow, I didn't know that. That sucks. If you ever look into it and find a ro 3G model, let us know. Eventually one will have to come out.

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I'd also be interested simply to be able to have more choices. More by the author: Just a guy who doesn't know when to quit, and is constantly in search of a solution to a problem that doesn't exist yet. Project Specs Difficulty: Disclaimers I'm a self-appointed internet expert.

First of all, ask yourself the following questions: Do you know how to change your oil, and do so at least occasionally? Do you know how to use gps or lowjack to secure bike normal voltage of the battery in your vehicle? Do you know what resistance ideally there is between your chassis and your battery's negative terminal? Do you know how to solder wires? Do you have a multimeter and know how to use it?

Do you have somewhere to leave the bike if this project takes a week or two?

News:Jun 26, - The main idea behind bike security is to make stealing your bike so difficult and Another very simple and common method is just picking up a bike, but I personally have been using a $ GPS tracker that I picked up at.

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