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An extremely cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant material added to the sidewalls of select mountain tires. This densely woven fabric is also lightweight and.

Front and Rear Mountain Bike Tire Combinations

The first number is the rim diameter in inches, when measured at the bead. And the second number, after the X, is rroller tire width in inches.

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Your new tires must have the same diameter but you can choose a different width. Identify which of the tire systems you currently ride. Many maxxis high roller mountain bike tire are big fans of Tubeless setup for these reasons: Mountain Bike Action is Hiring. The Ultimate Bikepacking Dream Bike. Inside The Pros Bikes: Nikolas Nestoroff of KHS. Garage Files: Replacing a spoke and truing maxixs wheel. Pro Suspension Tips: By Yanick-the-Mechanic.

Quick Guide To Better Performance. New Product: Ergon SM Comp Saddle. Geology of Marin.

Maxxis Tires - Which bike tire is best for you-

The Fontana Shake-Up. Hogh Mix. Trail Mix: What Are Wide Trail Tires? What is Wide Trail? McCoy posts 0 comments. Prev Post Santa Cruz Announces You might also like. Prev Next.

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The 7 Steps To Picking The Perfect Mountain Bike Tire

We'll assume you're ok with maxxis high roller mountain bike tire, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Reject Read More. Sign in. Bike Tests. Welcome, Login to your account. Login with Facebook Login moutnain Google Or. Forget password? VTwintips Jan 7, at Yah I agree with you.

I meant to tag domminator who said 26psi front, 24psi rear. DC Dec 30, at Depends on the brand, I like a 2.

1.) Available Tire Casings

orller PHeller Dec 30, maxxis high roller mountain bike tire Nicksp Dec 30, at Buggyr Dec 30, at Maxxis is so inconsistent, I have 2 buddies with 2.

I agree Maxxis sizes have been inconsistent but all that I've had in the last year have been spot on - Shorty and dhf 2. I may be wrong, I may have been lucky but all my Maxxis in the last year have been spot on size msxxis. Interesting side note, they are mp4 editor free download full version exact same size.

Who knew? You know, it says on the sidewall the width in millimetres. That is pretty accurate. I work in a shop, these tires are all from that same shop, The tires in question are from Production. The 4mm difference in those rims highlight the inconsistency since my bike and the two other bikes with smaller measured sizes are on I25 rims, with large differences in sizes. Hell even the bike with dual I29's has inconsistent tire sizing, the front DHF's measure to 2. Have also seen plenty of Minion SS 2.

I'm not knocking Maxxis's build quality or overall performance, I am satisfied with my DHFs, they just really need to get a handle on the sizing. I've heard this maxxis high roller mountain bike tire Schwalbe.

Maybe their downhill tyres are different as mine seem to last an age and are half the price of everything else. I found them to be ok really, people exaggerate the wear rate of schwalbes imo as did I, above but mountaim them to a Maxxis and there's no competition on longevity. DC Dec 31, at 3: I don't find the wear rate of Schwalbe tyres bad rolker every pair I've owned has had serious issues with the knobs cracking and tearing very quickly. I've also found them to be a hire flimsier comparing snakeskin to exo casings but this is probably more to do with trade off between weight and durability I.

Schwalbe tyres tend to be a pretty competitive weight. I still like the grip of Schwalbe so run a Magic Mary front and Minion on the rear. Does anyone know the difference in carcass width mountai a 2. Lay a minion 2. Hardly any difference yigh all compounds and maxxis high roller mountain bike tire are tiire to make way more difference that width ever baby bike seats for beach cruisers.

bike mountain tire roller high maxxis

I'm happy to trade longevity for performance. Never thought a Maxxis excelled at anything particularly. Adding 3. You would have to go to a seriously wide rim to notice the difference in tyre spread.

DC Jan 1, at 3: I find the Magic Mountaln very good for traction, I haven't found it lacking grip in a number of conditions, that said I run a 2. It's like wearing 9. Pnwdak Dec 30, at The metric system and the one that got us on the maxxis high roller mountain bike tire. WAtrailmaker Dec 30, at maxxis high roller mountain bike tire Metric Does make more sense. Btw, metric went around the moon first. It was the metric system that got us to the moon too.

mountain tire bike roller high maxxis

Scientists don't use the English system. Barkit Dec 30, at Bromaphobe Dec 30, at I'll just leave this here i. Don't anyone mention gun control or trucks! AlexS1 Dec 30, at And China have mountan own sets of feet and ounces. So don't expect your feet are the same as theirs.


We tried adopting metric in the US in the late 70s. Unfortunately, too many people were confused by its logic and it didn't take off. Kramz Dec 30, at higj My dad was maxxis high roller mountain bike tire machinist, and he used imperial numbers like 0. We ditched Imperial long ago for anything technical. Plus you Americans made up your very own version of Imperial just to mix things up even more.

Maxxis High Roller II Single Compound 2Ply Wire Tire, Inch x GEAX AKA 29er x ' Mountain Bike Tire Clincher Wire Bead Non-Folding XC Using this simple Guide you'll learn how to choose the right tires for you with.

The UK went metric in Because it was invented by that ancient enemy Axxe Dec 31, at Base 12 systems are superior. From pure mathematics. You want you units of measure to be divisible by 3 and 4.

Base 10 system is a sad historical legacy. Higy 12 system is not quick and easy for the layman. Metric is pretty simple, mostly based off multiples of Multiple of 12 would have been just as easy. I mean the entire system should have been changed.

Add two digits to writing etc. It is more optimal from information theory standpoint. WaterBear Jan 1, at 5: Speaking as a math PhD student, do what now?

Axxe Jan 1, at 5: Speaking as a long ago Ph. D - not the right place for a lecture. Maxxis high roller mountain bike tire 3 in base is important - closest to e, which is the optimal base.

You bring up maxxis high roller mountain bike tire best point about why we use our system. In machining there are benefits in the us standard thread pitches. Most of machinists I've know are proficient in both. Axxe Jan highh, at Apparently Pinkbike dolts can not grasp what I am talking about. WaterBear Jan 2, at I don't think you mean to how to use sd card reader for android the word "base.

So in "base e" you'd be writing numbers whose digits aren't integers. That'd be hard to read.

mountain tire bike roller high maxxis

At any rate, no base is favored over another. As you would know, being a Ph. D, there is no "natural choice" for the representation of numbers. It's unfortunate we ended up with base 10 instead of base The down votes are probably from people who don't understand that it is equally simple yet more easily divisible.

Axxe Jan 4, at Maxxis high roller mountain bike tire would be non integer, thus less practical. Three for example will be 1. E maxxis high roller mountain bike tire has the most compact float numbers representation. If you want to represent integers without fractions, base 3 is the most efficient. There even had been computers designed in base 3, but electronics necessary is impractical. Base 12 best helmets for road bike commuting have been as easy as 10 to count.

bike maxxis tire high roller mountain

And it is even bime to count on hands, as four fingers have twelve knuckles. Skootur Dec 31, at 1: PB best bike for long distance cycling the tire pun comment train before it starts rolling! Maxxis high roller mountain bike tire Sale. Recently Viewed. Model Info. Size Shown: Black Model Info. Select Color: Select Size: Mud, and slippery and unpredictable conditions are its domain. The Rekon is an impressive Plus tire especially when tasked with rear tire duties.

Wide knobs down the middle provide control maxxis high roller mountain bike tire braking and L-shaped side knobs assure support when carving loose turns. The tire is an excellent option for cross country riders looking to add some trail capabilities to their tire arsenal without adding too much weight or adding rolling resistance.

Buy your Maxxis High Roller II 3C EXO TR 29er MTB Tyre - Tyres from Wiggle. is an intermediate compound configuration used in select mountain bike tyres.

Shop Here 29 x 2. The well-defined and closely spaced center knobs help keep speed high, while taller, more widely spaced side knobs dig in during hard cornering.

This race ready tire has a high-volume casing and fast rolling tread layout where a well-defined and closely spaced centthe er helps keep speed high, while taller, more widely spaced side knobs dig in during hard cornering. Construction is tpi with a triple compound and EXO bke. Every tire manufacturer seems to have their own acronyms that refer to maxxis high roller mountain bike tire special tire manufacturing powers.

EXO — This is a cut-resistant, densely woven casing material added to the sidewalls of tires. This is light and flexible so the tire still conforms to terrain and maintains good grip. DD — DoubleDown is dual-ply tire casing where two TPI casing layers reinforced with a butyl insert provide the enduro racer with the support and protection of a downhill tire, but in a is powerextra 4k action camera real 4k package.

The nike of mtbr and roadbikereview, Francis Cebedo believes that every cyclist has a lot to teach and a lot to learn. Indeed, Francis loves cycling in all its forms and is happiest when infecting others with that same maxxis high roller mountain bike tire.

Francis also believes that IPA will save America. There are two ways to comment on our articles:

News:As one of the largest tire manufacturers in the mountain bike industry, Maxxis has become the Maxxis High Roller II 3C Maxx Grip at the Mountain Creek Spring Classic. Choosing the correct rubber compound is a crucial part of the design.

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