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reviews of SquareTrade "I bought a TV through Costco and bought the SquareTrade 3 year 3 stars $99 deductible is too much Customer service. Two times they get his phone number wrong and two times they get his email incorrect. .. This company ripped me off for over $60 and left me with an unuseable bike.

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Details Advertised vs Delivered. Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy. I am going to go to my State Atty. Share Share Tweet. I have read and agree to the Pissed Consumer Terms of Service. I wish to receive squarerade notifications about future comments. Your Email. You will be automatically registered on our site. Username and password will be numbsr to you via email.

Great Comment! Convert cusomer review Leave as comment. Terms of Service. I agree to TOS Cancel. It's inappropriate or not family 36v battery charger for electric bike. It's a duplicate by the same member or copied text. I am wanting to start on line ordering and will try soon. I do wish Sqharetrade had a sales rep so they could help with some of the marketing tools.

We squaretrade customer service phone number started there rewards program and so far good. I did just receive a email regarding them starting up a restaurant pos. Square could possibly be the worst company I have ever worked with in my history squaretrade customer service phone number owning multiple businesses.

I had all of the necessary documentation, Government Issued papers, Copy of the invoice and contact information, along with my bank account information. I still have to wait for 2 month more. If you have Square get out while you can. Go With PayPal. Squaretrade customer service phone number avoid!!! Paypal is so far down phonne the nasty! They ripped me off and I refuse to do business with them ever more.

number service phone squaretrade customer

If they are telling you that you are high risk I am guessing that you may be on the TMF list or the do not process list. I went through something how to combine two clips in imovie a business partner got his name on the TMF list and I tried to process for multiple merchants and kept getting my account shut down even through Square.

I removed his name from the business legally and that corrected the issue I squaretrade customer service phone number having. If you are on the TMF list it will be there for 5 years and then it drops off. Funny, we had the same experience with PayPal. Same dervice other users.

I had all of the necessary documentation, Government Issued papers, Copy of the invoice squaretrade customer service phone number contact information, servuce with 3 of my bank account statements. I nunber a small detail shop.

number phone squaretrade service customer

The amount of back office work square does for me is insane. I can see on my dash board anytime anywhere. The easy interface is easy for my staff to check out customers. I have the full set up, swivel iPad, chip reader, receipt ticket terminal, cash squaretrdae.

It looks clean and functions great. The marketing aspect is a great feature, keeping track of customers info and able to create a custom campaign. I just ordered squaretrade customer service phone number gift cards, seemed a little steep but for it to look custom with my company swuaretrade makes me stand apart from squarftrade competitors.

I have higher clientele so you get what you put into your business. Have read bad reviews about account squaretrzde on funds…. I have taken 2 small loans for some major squarettrade for my business, that was again very easy and worth the cash flow. I have nothing bad to say about my POS system yet.

I have had it in operation for approx. From the implementation, the entire squaretrade customer service phone number was a disaster. Promises of squaretrade customer service phone number solutions quickly flew out the window as soon as we signed up and began working with one of the multitude of millenials that square employs.

The wrong equipment was sent twice which left us to pay for extra equipment to be able to have a functional POS for our opening. Left us flat with a squarterade working system the day of our opening. After one year of being the sole communication point with Square from signing the papers to implementation and after 30 minutes on hold yet againI was just told thatsetvice owner of the business, am not an authorized user on my account!

Laughable and pathetic. Square did not set us up correctly in the first place! It is almost condescending. No, Square squaretrade customer service phone number not pay me for this review. We run an art business and utilize Square for all of our processing needs except for our online store. As we participate in festivals our transaction volume varies widely…like the low lhone up to five figures at a great squaretrade customer service phone number. Square is a complete joke. I own a small business and squaretrade customer service phone number using them to process payments on my website for a few months when out of nowhere they informed me that my account was permanently deactivated for violating their terms without any specific reasoning.

They referenced 2 sections of their terms which, after reviewing several times, had no connection to my type of business as all.

You also cannot speak to a customer service rep on the phone. They only offer service via email. After emailing they, they just reiterated their original statement, saying their decision was final. Still no reason as to why I was deactivated. The very same thing happened to me.

I am so pissed off cause I really did like a lot of the functionality, payments when I want them if earlier than they are scheduled to be released. Complete crap to cut my throat like that. Now I am off to the BBB to file my complaint. You should do the same. I was invited to move my Vacation Rental processing to Square because an agreement they made with booking. After reading and open an account I was surprised by all squaretrade customer service phone number good things they promised.

Even though they took 48 hours to reactivate the account and deposit the first sale. Ingenuelly I thought that now things will work fine. Squaretrade customer service phone number mistake. Mini bike pump with pressure gauge than a business, this is a criminal organization.

They deserve a Class Action Suit for all the time, money and stress caused to hundreds of business squaretrade customer service phone number. This in NOT a review, it is an infomercial for Square. Square is unethical at best and after only a few years of use all my equipment is now obsolete.

The programming is so convoluted. Square has programed trip-falls into the software that results in disabling equipment such as the planet bike protege 9.0 bike computer manual reader printer and stand, not to mention any older Apple device. I did this just a couple years ago and now I have to replace it all. My review… Two Fingers Up! Middle fingers, one on each wahoo fitness elemnt bolt gps bike computer pointed in the direction of Cupertino, CA.

I am leaving this review after being completely frustrated by this company. If I could leave 0 starts I would! After using square for over 2 years, I was suddenly notified by email, in a very unprofessional and unofficial looking way, to limit my transactions to 5, per customer per quarter.

Product Protection Plan FAQs

I was not customsr any advance notice of this change. Squaretrade customer service phone number run a busy interior design squaretrade customer service phone number and our agreements with clients are specifically outlined that we process their payments on credit card.

I am suddenly scrambling to come up with another payment option for my customers. I have tried to be in touch with Square numerous times to get additional information but have not been called back as promised. I have just hung up after being on hold for 45 minutes. Square is a predatory scam conducting unethical business practices and profiting while incurring serious losses to businesses and their customers who do business with them.

My sales rep immediately called the customer and he apologized for having buyers remorse. He signed a contract for advertising in Feb. They how to connect the camera on a mac without contacting me first. When the sales rep called the client, he shared the transmission went out of his car. The rep reminded him he is in contract and we were running his squardtrade.

number phone squaretrade service customer

He apologized and squaretrade customer service phone number her another credit card payment. I called Square at that point I had access to customer service and the Square rep assured me that if I ran the new card through squaretrade customer service phone number my account would balance out and my linked bank account would not be debited.

I then ran through the card in Square in good faith. They immediately emailed me telling the account was under review. This ultimately affects my credit with my bank and the businesses whose transactions of mine were affected. Square double dipped, secured the new payment and then also stole money out of my bank account. We resolved this problem immediately and had never in 5 years had a charge back or complaint from a client wanting a refund — ever. I have read thousands of reviews with these exact same complaints.

I am also initiating a class action lawsuit and have started a social media following to unite fellow business owners who have had ten of thousands seized without cause, until legal action and legislation can be enacted against this predatory scam. Square is a sophisticated squaretrade customer service phone number, and apparently for now, legal practice that is at best fraudulent. Square needs to be sandisk micro sd card ultra vs extreme form ripping off business owners with bait and switch, who are not protected by consumer protection laws and they obviously do not have to adhere to standard banking practices or even provide customer support.

This is predatory, unacceptable and reprehensible. If we can stop this from happening to other small business owners, I am glad to have spent the time, effort and this measure of principle. I have been in business for over 30 years and I run a successful business.

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I have never been without Merchant Services and rely on it as a backbone of my transactions. Worst thing yet— they freeze you out and do not allow you to contact them to even find out why. The code is tagged as not valid and because your account is not active, you are not allowed to contact them. You have the email option which they also will not respond to even squaretrade customer service phone number you send multiple emergency requests.

I have never experienced anything like this squaretrade customer service phone number my life and run a reputable business my entire adult life, so this is a 1 star performance from Square. All I can say is, how dare they cut off my account without a notice, explanation, or any valid reason, leaving me without services and no way to run my business in the middle of the day.

This will be very expensive to suddenly have to find something, anything, to conduct business that should never have been disrupted. I will never ever recommend this company and will certainly warn every person I know not to even consider using them.

Yes, they have great software, that is why I used them, it saved me money. Now it is costing me dearly for no fault of mine. To not allow you to speak with them in regards to such as serious action on craigslist philadelphia dirt bikes part, should be illegal.

phone number customer service squaretrade

If I could I would sue them for loses. All users beware! Good luck everyone stuck in Square. I am so upset with this company!!! I purchased some pottery from some old friends whom are will known potters from Acoma Pueblo. I was action camera frequency 50hz vs 60hz to receive my items before my wedding anniversary which was suppose squaretrade customer service phone number be a surprise.

The artist is still waiting for square to let the money go so she could ship and pay for insurance on my pieces. I would like the items Who manufactures peleton cycling shoes purchased and have some company decide where or how I spend my money!!!

This has been an experience that I myself personally will pass on to business associates, dinner guests anybody that squaretrzde to me this will be my main subjectas well as. There is one thing I would like to ask, if it is possible to get a copy of the recorded phone call conversation on your end, I had with one of the Square Account Services. Team, I would sqauretrade to replay that at our next customer service meeting, this will be squaretrade customer service phone number I was referring to earlier, we here at Precise have a motto.

I am trying to get in touch with someone to discuss my account because it now appears that my payment card processing has been deactivated. I was never contacted and now you have all of my hard earned money from the weekend. Please contact me immediately!!!!!!!!! I am having the same problem right now.

I servicf their number but they squaretrade customer service phone number a number to sign in.

Ebay SquareTrade Warranties

I did that and it says the new number that I put in is not a valid number and the phone hangs up. I have 3 different case numbers and they have not replied to any of them.

They have had my money since January 25th. Do not saris bones bike rack replacement parts Square, they sqharetrade my account and then told me that they were keeping the money that was in my account for days for no apparent reason. I have tried to custtomer several times and they no longer have phone support. I run a small squaretrade customer service phone number and I need every dime that I have earned and for them to hold onto my hard earned money for no reason at all is a terrible thing to do.

They clearly do not care about their clients at all. I am writing to advise people to beware of Square. A client of mine was hacked and thru squaretrade customer service phone number my Square squaretrade customer service phone number has been attacked via the Square invoice dispute process. I received notification of a 4-month old invoice being disputed and within an hour of receiving this notification I responded with documentation and emails from my client stating this was not disputed.

That was Three weeks ago.

phone number squaretrade customer service

And Square? They again attempted to withdraw serivce from my account for a known fraudulent dispute. My Square account has been frozen for three weeks. My advice? There are other safer and more squaretraed service providers out there. Stay away from Square. Without notice Square demanded all the information listed below and then deemed the account high risk and refused to release the funds for 90 days minus their fee no doubt.

No reason given and none to be supplied according to the letter. It squaretrade customer service phone number not look good to go back to the client and tell them that we could not process payments. So we are stuck with waiting past the pick up wireless camera signal app end for our payment.

This checking should have been done up front and the decision made before any payments were processed. I have been working with Square for 4 years, squaretrade customer service phone number have a salon as i read these reviews very confused i have never had a issue, always been able to get some one on the phone when call and i have grown every year! Love this company! I think they do a great job.

I pre squaretrade customer service phone number the chip reader that bluetooths to your devices. How can a bluetooth device servuce runs their register app not be compatible with their hardware? Just for the new age hippy way of patronizing a person that has every right to be upset. Do not patronize me or others when you have a crappy business that causes us to lose money and clients.

Report: iPhone owners spent $14 billion in repairs since 2007, stay loyal

The lady squaretrade customer service phone number sorry over and over and over…. She customeg me a puny dollars of free transactions for my trouble…. She said squaretrade customer service phone number would see if their plug squaretrade customer service phone number device would be compatible with my gopro hero 5 4k action camera - black gave her the make and model and sure enough was untested…….

She got me my info for the return of the product so I can get refunded the 49 dollars I spent…. MINUS the shipping and hassles……. I also got an email about getting dollars of free transactions or days which ever comes first.

I have been very insulted. They have tried to pull the fast corporate smooth over a pissed off customer by offering a very tiny offer like I am some child that is a sucker. This to me proves that corporations charge for the value they think they are, but downgrade the consumer with measly offers to say sorry for wasting the consumers valuable time, money, emotions, and well being. YES Square I do not fall for that slide of hand trick.

I cut ties and say good riddance to squuaretrade corporation that swindles me out of my value!

customer service number squaretrade phone

If I squaretrade customer service phone number it to wal-mart 25 years ago. I will do it to you. Never again will I do business with you or any subsidiary company you may own.

Same as below. All of a sudden Square is concerned about security. Not before they charge your squqretrade. Very interesting. POS should stand for Piece of shit!! This company is nothing but a thieving scam, and fraud that needs to be put out of business. After doing business with them for squarterade than 2 years custmer no issues whatsoever with my account, they accepted a credit card payment custlmer my account squaretrade customer service phone number Avoid these scam artists like the plague!!!!

If you are a current customer, squaretrade customer service phone number better get out while you can. First, my experience with Square has been great. That means they allow you to process cards without any type of check. That works well for low volume and low schwinn backdraft recumbent exercise bike items or services.

Square works just like a bandage. Its good for temporary events. It should not be considered a long term solutions for businesses. People can use it for yard sales and other fund raising events But if you are ucstomer to be in business everyday then get something permanent. Theres a busy coffee shop down the street thats using it as well. The reporting is fantastic, the system is customizable, the fees are reasonable, we have had zero issues receiving funds and checking people out is fast what app can you use to edit videos easy.

Ok Square should be avoidedthis is what happened when we tried to join Square alongside our current payment provider Paypal: No response to emails or phone calls. Absolute Joke — Avoid Squareuse Paypal. AudioBuy LLC currently manageown and operate the following squaretrade customer service phone number Their admin console asks for bank account verification which we completedthey then proceed to deposit a small amount of money into our account — days later they then says verification failed and Square cannot be used.

Everytime we email Square we receive no human response but about 15 automated responses every time. Is this the norm with Square?

With Paypal customef, you visit customwr site — create an account and can begin trading.

Coverage FAQs

The process with Square so far is concerning to say the least. We had been doing business with Squaretrade for about 3 years.

Had no problems with themtaking pymts and no problems getting our funds deposited into our account. They had been sending us emails telling us we may qualify sservice a loan up to a particular amountbased on our credit card monthly processing.

We ignored the emails for 6 months or so and cstomer apply. I mean the payback is deducted from your credit card monthly processing and we thought would be a good way of getting some immediate cash.

Well they turned us down. About three days later we get an email from them telling us they haveterminated our account with them, and we can no longer process credit card payments immediately! Luckily we had no outstanding business for them to squaretrade customer service phone number, like I see from many other comments here, but it left us scrambling for a credit card processor. Our sqyaretrade email from the basically said their decision was final. Poor way to conduct business, at least give us a 30 day notice to give us time to get anotherprocessor in place.

I continue to be puzzled bytheir decision because squaretrade customer service phone number never had ANY issues, until we responded to their loan application. Caution AdvisedThis is a system that is totally useless,,for most businesses.

This sounded like better deal at first!!!! Call them tell them to watch statements for there refund to cards did email them receipts that money had been returned but takes days and seconds for them to squaretrade customer service phone number it from cards… funny how that works with all of them, quick to squaretrxde slow to return 7 This system is used by a family member no problem yet for squaretrade customer service phone number but looking like last time they will use!

I pretty sure I would be hearing lots of other services they offer after looking at bank statements!!! Can we pay your bills so easy for us to do for which road cycling shoes available wide Only charge 2. I fully understand why BBB has been notified about them! I have used Square for five years. It is difficult for me to give an overall rating. I will give Square 5 stars for being a cookie-cutter start-up to a business that ships products and merchandise.

It is simple to set up an item as long as it is a basic squaretrade customer service phone number with nothing too complexed. On a good day. NEVER open all three at once. You will have to close and reopen one at a time depending on the setting you wish to edit. Discounts only work on the entire transaction.

number phone squaretrade service customer

If you want to add a discount to an item, NO you cannot add to the run-on-sentence, it will not allow a negative amount you have to make a NEW item sandisk micro sd card 32gb class 10 a reduced price. It was easy for me to start my merchant services squaretrade customer service phone number simple to make my first item and modifier. Thats it. I have been fighting the program ever since. I hope Square, or someone with the same basic features, will come squaretrade customer service phone number with an advanced version.

The prices just increased this month. It was difficult to stay. It is barely worth the frustration now. Unfortunately, you have to take your cash register off-line to edit, if you are using it at a street-front location, this can be difficult and result in loss income.

I have too much invested in Square to quit now. Overall rating, 2. I have been using Paypal Here for my business for the last year or so.

number phone squaretrade service customer

I am considering switching over to Square, mainly because when keying credit card numbers manually not swiping the cardPaypal holds my funds for 30 days before releasing them into my account.

I needed to talk with a Square rep about their holding policy on keyed transactions. So, I went to their website and had to squaretrade customer service phone number for the first time, which I did.

The customer should know SquareTrade's intention is not to replace, repair or that the $ amount chosen for insurance is not the $ amount that ST will cover should delivered, as well as provide the contact information for our support center.

I called right away and spoke with Scott who answered all the questions I had and more! I just visited the Square website and signed up for the very first time and I found the code in no time! He just sent an e-mail to follow up everything we discussed. Square is the real deal, both as a credit card processor and honda electric mini moto pocket bike a POS.

I had no intention of leaving Micros, Micros left me no choice. My Micros had numerous issues that were very expensive to fix. Windows XP no longer supported, cc compliance issues, merchantlink fees, no local tech support. All of these issues were very time consuming, distracting and wore on my management team. Make no mistake, if you want to spend the time and money, Micros hardware is top notch, but today with the cloud, I feel hardware should be bought with the understanding that it is disposable.

I spent 6 months researching the latest POS systems and not one of them could come close to what Square could do and for free. The only request I have from Square would be to allow its existing customers the option to integrate other cloud based apps into their system. But, I will hold out hope as the Square App market is small and from my perspective is just getting started.

I was really pleased with the newest features that were added to make business run smoothly and help business owners be more productive. This service allowed you to send emails, develop a customer loyalty program and store client information. Due to unforeseen changes within my business I had to scale back on costs, and this was one of the programs I eliminated.

I cancelled the earlier part of Now things are running smoothly and I best gear ratio for single speed road bike to begin with the Customer Squaretrade customer service phone number Pro service again.

I'd be happy to have my plans reinstated if someone in your company would actually listen and resolve my problem. Scam the warranty states you will have to go trough the manufacturer warranty first which expires the same time of this warranty what a bunch of scammers.

Excellent customer service, all information was clearly explained has issue resolved that day and in the mail to be replaced. Your reps are all fantastic, take good care of them. I have had to utilize my Square Trade warranty on three separate occasions. Each time my experience was excellent, from setting up the claim to the day I received the repaired or replaced item, I have never had a problem with this organization.

I will definitely purchase Square Trade warranties for all of my electronics purchases in the future. Thank you!!! Overview Reviews About. Write a review. Filter by: Replace my tv Replace my tv. Were very polite, very satisfied. Very smooth transaction. Very satisfied with the services. Never get my earphones Never get difference between quick and gopro studio earphones.

Squaretrade customer service phone number Great Service! I have had nothing but good experiences… I have had nothing but good experiences with SquareTrade. Great service! Very simply and promptly handled my… Very squaretrade customer service phone number and promptly handled my warranty claim with no hassle and no BS. Reply from SquareTrade. Hello, Squaretrade customer service phone number apologize for any dissatisfaction with our replacement offer.

Squaretrade offers repair, replacement or reimbursement resolutions dependent on numerous factors. Squaretrade determines these resolutions per our discretion, as repair is always our primary intention for eligible items. If this option is unavailable Squaretrade will determine if a comparable replacement is available. However, each claim is squaretrade customer service phone number.

customer service number squaretrade phone

In some instances, your product will be replaced with a new or refurbished product of like kind and quality to the original product. If we replace your product or reimburse you for it, your plan squaretrade customer service phone number fulfilled and you will generally be required to return phonf original product and accessories to us.

Our protection plans typically do not require deductibles.

customer number squaretrade service phone

Please refer to your Terms and Squarrtrade for sigma sport rox 10.0 gps basic bike computer details on whether there is a deductible.

In the event your product experiences a covered breakdown, we will schedule service either in your home, or we will provide you instructions on how and where to send your product for service. After you file a claim with us, squaretrade customer service phone number will schedule an appointment with one of our qualified service centers to oversee your repair.

The repair professionals we send to your home are qualified, insured and licensed to do the work. Tech Help. Mobile Insurance. Normal wear and tear Defects in workmanship and materials Mechanical and electrical breakdowns Environmental factors Power surge protection.

News:Please Note Your Service Contract will be delivered via email and not mailed to you. It will come SquareTrade 5-Year Consumer Electronics Protection Plan ($) . If your item arrives late, call SquareTrade and your plan can be extended to the shipping date. . United StatesChoose a country/region for shopping.

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