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Virtual reality goggles stationary bike - VirZoom's mobile sensor uses Gear VR to turn normal bikes into VR workout machines

Jun 15, - VirZOOM's VZ Sense will turn any stationary bike into a VR exercise and gaming bike, for $

NordicTrack's VR Bike Is a Fun Workout (If You Don't Puke)

Let's take a closer look.

bike stationary virtual goggles reality

virtual reality goggles stationary bike There's a padded saddle, foot pedals, and a 5-inch display to view stats like resistance, calories burned, and the amount of time spent on the giggles during a session. But when you step closer, you'll notice the bike handles are actually a gaming yoke that feature left and right hand controls.

bike virtual reality goggles stationary

It's similar to the controllers you'd use with a console, but since the handlebars are like those on a regular stationary bike, I still found it easy to access and use the controllers even though my vision was blocked by a VR headset. All I had to do was put it on, tighten virtual reality goggles stationary bike to a comfortable position, and I was ready to go.

stationary bike virtual reality goggles

I also didn't have to worry about whether or not it was compatible with my glasses, so reaity who don't like to wear contacts like me won't have to worry about being able to actually see the content clearly. It's lightweight too, which is virtual reality goggles stationary bike plus—I didn't feel like it was weighing me down throughout the workout.

VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise & Training

NordicTrack teamed up with iFit —a company statjonary creates personal trainer-led workouts for users to stream at home—to help create the experience. During the demo, I played Aeronauts, which essentially consists of flying what looks like a blimp past cascading waterfalls over the ocean.

The VirZoom VR bike controller accomplishes its virtual reality goggles stationary bike objective of providing fun distractions to motivate people to get their daily workouts in.

goggles bike stationary reality virtual

While the team at VirZoom undoubtedly has some obstacles to overcome with regards virtual reality goggles stationary bike making this a viable product, it stationaryy a cool idea.

I enjoyed my time with the games available in the build I played, and I could see myself enjoying it on a regular basis — given that I could figure out a way to sweat-proof my VR headset. Join Sign In.

stationary bike reality goggles virtual

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goggles stationary bike virtual reality

Comment Comment. Brian Shea. Brian has written about video games for over a decade across multiple publications.

reality stationary bike goggles virtual

It would be so cool to just ride around in skyrim. I've wanted to do this for a few years now actually. What I think someone needs to make is some sort of wireless RPM sensor device would use bluetooth or 2.

goggles virtual stationary bike reality

Pair that up virtual reality goggles stationary bike some sort of handlebar controller for steering and it could be a pretty legit experience lol My plan is to use my Rift for experimental stuff like this after I've got a next generation headset for gaming. I can't imagine wearing a VR headset on the bike trainer. My helmet is a sweaty disaster when I ride erality outside.

bike goggles stationary virtual reality

I sweat super hard in to my headset for about an hour every day on Beat Saber. Where the hell are the games?

reality bike stationary virtual goggles

VR needs an exclusive game that will just make people want virtual reality goggles stationary bike buy an headset. This is super stupid idea.

I literally have to wipe my sweat off the floor after only one hour of indoor cycling. I would probably not see a thing inside headset and cooked my face after 10 minutes of spinning.

This VR exercise bike makes sweating buckets feel like riding a Pegasus (hands-on)

I dont think they want to replace your existing training gear. This is more for casual users to play games and in the same time get some exercise in.

goggles virtual stationary bike reality

I sweat in Beat Saber virtual reality goggles stationary bike but thats moderate and short sessions prevent any sweat to accumulate.

I aint defending this damn thing, this project is another one of those startups who die 12 months later. Im just curious who the hell is the target customer. If pro and casual is out of the picture, all statioanry can think of are businesses.

goggles virtual bike reality stationary

I can see some LA gym getting these bikes as a novelty for people to mess around…. Sweat has never been an issue.

stationary goggles virtual bike reality

Never had it fog up and never had an HMD break. Use a VR Cover and a headband.

bike stationary reality virtual goggles

Add a fan in the play area to vlrtual sweat. If you are fit, you obviously sweat much less than someone like me would, even if your load is much higher than I would be able to handle.

stationary goggles virtual bike reality

And then there are also physiological differences. Some people sweat like pigs even without exerting any effort.

stationary goggles bike reality virtual

Using simple fans, a VR Cover and bandana do the trick for me. Sure, I tried the bike after hours of back-to-back VR demos in Vegas, I wasn't wearing proper workout glggles, and I was dehydrated virtual reality goggles stationary bike and also, I'm out of shape.

bike stationary virtual goggles reality

It felt like a workout! Everything we learned at CES The executive summary for the entire show.

goggles virtual stationary bike reality

How to get VR right. Apple Watch: All of the health and fitness features, explained: The Apple Watch can help you live healthier, no matter your goals.

bike virtual stationary reality goggles

News:Nov 13, - This VR Stationary Bike Might Make You Forget You're Exercising Good news: This holiday season, in lieu of using a headset to dodge invisible From there, you enter the VirZoom arcade, where you select a game (or a.

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