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Sep 13, - That's why a lot of smartphone manufacturers try to optimize this function and make it less of battery life cycle killer. This is known to happen when the phone is idle or when a certain action has been Check to see if Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting. Make sure you select GPS Only and restart your device.

Can’t connect to Wi-Fi on an android phone? Here’s the fix.

If you have already tried some troubleshooting steps before emailing us, make whh to mention them so we can skip them in our answers. I have a Galaxy J5.

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My issue is that Internet or data goes off and on. An example is that this morning I was able to download an app but after an hour or 2 it stopped again. When I am connected to WiFi, there are no problems. Hi Casey.

Oct 29, - Does the symptom occur with more than one Wi-Fi device? Checking that devices such as your router and modem are on, disconnecting and carefully reconnecting If you have phone service through your ISP, power cycling your In order to join the Wi-Fi network, choose Join Other Network from the.

The first basic troubleshooting step that you wici to do in this case is to ensure that you refresh the system by restarting it. This affects both the wifi and mobile data connections so be sure that you know how to connect your J5 back to the wifi networks before you proceed.

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If you are using a VPN connection, this troubleshooting step will also erase your VPN information so again, you want to ensure that you know how to set it up before doing it. Some Android users winter mountain bike cycling shoes able to find success in fixing phonw issues in the past by removing their SIM card.

Going over your data plan on your Smartphone can start adding up pretty quickly. In this post I will go over some tips and techniques that should get this problem resolved and you with properly working wireless internet connection again. This sounds kind of obvious but if the wireless network whether at home or work is disconnectung secure network than its going to require a password to connect to why does my wifi keep disconnecting from my phone.

OS X Lion and earlier

Make sure that you triple check the password you entered while trying to connect to it. The password is going to be case sensitive so if you have any capital letters or special characters make sure you enter them in as capital letters. Often times you will find an option in the lower left on disconnecring phones keypad which will allow you to switch to capital letters and special characters.

Enter it again right now as an extra precaution.

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Again another seemingly obvious thing to do, but make sure that you are trying to connect to the correct network, often times I have seen Linksys addresses when scanning for an available network, Linksys being a very popular wireless router. In any case check and make sure that your connecting to the correct network. Drag the status bar at the top of the display downwards the bar you see your why wont my phone stay connected to wifi life and signal strength on.

You should be able to see whether your Wi-Fi is turned on or not. Authentication issues are often not always a problem with the password. Following the first step in this article and why does my wifi keep disconnecting from my phone checking the password can usually help to resolve authentication failed errors and allow you to get back on track and connected to your network once again.

The extender connects to the router's WiFi, and the laptop connects to the extension WiFi (different network name) from the extender. What can I do if my WiFi keeps disconnecting? Option 3: Time to Power Cycle your Devices Why does my Android phone wifi keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting repeatedly?Missing: Choose.

I have seen however where the correct password and Wi-Fi information is entered but the cell phone keeps displaying diaconnecting Authentication failed error message. Manually turn off the Wi-Fi and mobile data on your device, and then turn ON the airplane mode, while airplane mode is still active turn the Wi-Fi back on and then try to connect to the network again.

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Once the Wi-Fi is connected then you can turn airplane mode off. This process sounds a little strange but this can sometimes solve this annoying authentication failed error message. If the phone is not even locating possible Wi-Fi connections then make dhy the Wi-Fi is actually working. If you have another phone or computer or any device that can see Wi-Fi connections make sure that the other devices can see disconnecing connect to it.

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If you have lots of connections to the Wi-Fi already then disconnect a few of them. Some wireless routers have a limit of how many devices you can connect to it. Unplug the power cable count to 15 and plug it back in. The application WiFix by mHotspot is an application that can help solve this issue and has some pretty positive reviews. For example if your phone is operating on Android version 4.

Wi‑Fi won't connect or frequently disconnects

Why does my wifi keep disconnecting from my phone just want to mention that you might have to explore your phones settings in order to find the advanced Wi-Fi options which allow you to setup a static IP address. The process used to setup a static IP is going to depend on what make and model of cell phone you have and what version of the Android operating system is installed and running on the device.

Unplug the hub from the power adapter, wait 10 seconds and then plug it back in. The Hub will take 30 seconds to power on.

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Power cycle your router by unplugging it from its power adapter, waiting 10 seconds and then plugging it back in. Move the hub closer to your router to eliminate range issues.

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Confirm that your router is broadcasting in 2. The hub will take 30 seconds to power on. If you have a 2. It is recommended that when you are using Mobile Hotspot and have devices connected that you do one of the following: Connect your phone to a charger that is plugged into a wall outlet. Carry a back-up battery or wireless battery charger when you won't have a power cord to use.

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Limit the number of devices that are tethered to your hotspot. I have Mobile Hotspot on my disconnevting, and my speeds have slowed down. Check if you have used all your high-speed or Mobile Hotspot tethering data.

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You can do this by visiting My Account online or using the myCricket App on your mobile phone and checking the data usage tracker. If you're on a Cricket Unlimited plan, after 10 GB of usage, Mobile Hotspot data speeds slow to max of Kbps for the rest of bill cycle.

That's not giving you a lot of detail, is it? So read more from the following articles.

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Does your Internet keep dropping frequently? For example, each time when you want to access the Internet after not using it for a while.

News:The extender connects to the router's WiFi, and the laptop connects to the extension WiFi (different network name) from the extender. What can I do if my WiFi keeps disconnecting? Option 3: Time to Power Cycle your Devices Why does my Android phone wifi keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting repeatedly?Missing: Choose.

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