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We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Equipped with Ambarella A7LS, Yi action camera records Ultra-HD videos and photos with advanced  Missing: Choose.

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Has been to test and qualify the mount internatuonal ensure it provides the utmost safety and long-term reliability 5. The mount from How to install bike computer on a trike passing the industry standard qualification testing and each mount also get inspected and yi action camera us vs international tested prior to shipping 6.

Fits Gopro 1, 2, 3 and 4, Garmin and other action cameras that yi action camera us vs international the Gopro mounting system 7. Boost the intensity of footage and provides a unique and thrilling viewpoint for riders to record their rides Item specification: Three-prong action camera Axle Compatibility: Standard thread hole for wheel hub Mount Material: Aluminum alloy Item included: Untwist the only nut there is and leave the springy thing there 3.

Go ahead and twist-on the selens mount 4. How do you ship packages? Do you ship worldwide? What about customs? Do you provide tracking information? Will my items be sent in one package? If you have any other questions, please contact us and we will do caera best to help you out.

camera yi us vs international action

Refunds Your satisfaction is our 1 priority. Your order did not arrive yi action camera us vs international to factors within your control i.

Last reviews. Display all pictures. This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. And the data capabilities are greatly enhanced, including faster data transfer with USB Type-C support and external yi action camera us vs international support. Built-in 4. Bluetooth 4. Built-in Bosch BMI, 6-axis gyroscopic, provides precise acceleration and angular rate measurement.

Indicator Light: Tricolor power indicator red,blue,violet ,a red status indicator. Focal length: Electronic Image Stabilization Built-in 3 axis gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer. Uses a cross-border compensation algorithm to compensate the motion change to produce stable video quality Resolutions supported: Auto Low Light With a normal camera, the user must manually adjust the parameters according to different light conditions. YI 4K Action Camera makes it easy for you, it senses the change of the light condition with CMOS, and ISP processor will adjust the frame rate and parameters automatically and to produce the highest image quality acekool 4k wifi sports action camera low light.

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Related Posts. Xiaomi Phone with a triple rear camera setup coming to India soon, says official teasers. Search for: Follow us GizChina. How long can I record at p 30fps? Thanks Dinelka. I format my cards in cameras, therefore I am always sure its formatted the right way.

vs international action yi camera us

youth downhill mountain bike helmet I do not know, it always depends on fw and bunch of other things. Check sample videos I put and do your own calculation, it will be approximate however.

Video will be less sharper in long distance, there are tons of tutorials on how to fix it yi action camera us vs international YT. I have seen this as well. Maybe an error in your measurement?

The format profile is Main which also is a little disappointing by not being High. The audio bitrate at just Yi action camera us vs international AAC is a bit on the low side too.

Thanks for the in depth review. We need more of those around! Thanks Paskahousu. Of course, it is not required, you can use either. I will soon update the article and add more info, since the firmware updates changed few things here and there. Focus fix can be applied manually, there are lots of videos on YouTube on how to do it. Appreciate your comment.

Good job. But I have got some remarks. As I understood Yi does not have auto flip feature? Does that means auto flip have to be added at some point with firmware upgrade?

Need for additional accessories — it is true for goPro as well, it not what makes Yi worse choice. Buy YI 4K Sports and Action Video Camera (Night Black) online at low price in India on Check out YI Amazon's Choice for "4k camera".

Did you try Loop function? As you describe it really sounds ridiculous. But it could be a killer feature if continuously loops not full SD card but a little buffer say 10 sec. U could shoot event after it occured! G-sensor detects shake, its a feature for dashcameras.

There is image flip.

Product Description

I am comparing this cameras to other Chinese cameras similar price range, so it does lack accessories for its yi action camera us vs international. Loop function does what I explained already. The article internationsl be updated soon with more info, since the firmware change slightly. I am using it for recording the surgeries. I am not able to zoom yi action camera us vs international see the details. I know camdra is diamondback sorrento mountain bike reviews action camera and preferable would be wide angle rather than narrow.

Can somehow zoom in be interhational Using software or lenses. Certainly not, camera has no optical zoom, and even if you zoom it in via the software which is possible it would look terrible. Its just not possible with an action camera. Hey Pavle, Great review! Would like to download them, because I know that youtube messes up and compresses the uploaded videos.

Yi Action camera is equipped with the world's leading image processor for professional You just need to choose among the 4 photo modes to capture the best per second to photograph activities during fast-action sports or lower the number of Cup+ Bike Handlebar Mount + Floating Hand Grip Sport Camera Starter Kit.

Just wondering why every video I record yi action camera us vs international 2 video files on the sd card?

Or do I have something set up wrong? Jim, this question has been asked few times in comments already. There are two type of the same videos on your SD card. Smaller size ones — they are tiny low quality videos that have complicated format and can be only pliaed in the phone app. This kind of compression enables faster interational rendering when playing it on the phone for instance.

However, true videos are larger files and I am best organized bike rides in america they can be played on your computer, unlike the smaller files which are meant only to be used with a phone app. First of actikn, awesome review! Really love how axtion and unbiased you went with it in your article. One question. Are there any other action cam that is as or almost good as a GoPro? If there are a few, can you list it down from the best to the least good one.

Thanks man! I really enjoyed reading your review. I wanted to get a xiaomi yi and I was doing a bit of research. So far this is the best review I have read. The only thing that I mind about the camera is the lack of a screen. Now that I have read your review, I know that I still have to buy gear for more active activities and that it is a bit slow. I hope you keep on making reviews of other action cameras. Thanks a lot for your kind comment Cydude, appreciate it. These kind of yi action camera us vs international keep me going for sure!

Does anyone else yi action camera us vs international problem with playback from Yi -cam? Thomas, you are probably playing smaller sized file? If so that one is meant to can you get cycling shoes for time pedals played via the app only.

us vs yi international camera action

If you have problems with all of your videos, change your micro sd card, it might be broken. Not sure what you mean by this.

YI Action Camera (US Edition) Lime Green

If you mean battery drain while on standby it appears that issue has been fixed. Hi pavle, I just bought xiaomi yi, May i know how to detect wether my xiaomi yi cam are fake or original? Sorry for my english tho.

camera yi us vs international action

I never heard of the issue with fake Xiaomi YI. Is there any particular reason why you suspect its not genuine? I heard that sjcam have many fake cam. So, im afraid that xiaomi yi have the fake one too. Im really sorry for my english. Btw, great yi action camera us vs international. It really help me a lot. Thanks for reply tho…. And i think your review is the most accurate from all of review i had read. But i think you forgot one thing, its audio quality.

Very nice review Mr. Thanks a lot for your kind words Lukman. You are right I did yi action camera us vs international pay a lot of attention to audio in this review, but there mens journal april 2017 bike helmets a audio test compered to other camera in this article.

Amazing review! Lots of information and great comparisons against other products. By far the most detailed I have found. Somewhere in the review you say an update now allows 2k resolution. Is that much better than the p? Those it really have any use? Does it work well? Thanks a lot Armando. In my experience, there yi action camera us vs international no difference, I use p, be aware that 2K does not have 60fps.

So you are saying that if the quality of the video and the bitrate were higher the xiaomi razor electric dirt bike mx350 charger be a gopro killer??

What about fixing the problem with the focus well known issue with the xiaomi yi in order to sharpen images and add a small script to get 40 or 50 mbps of bitrate? Well, i did those mod to my baby and im telling you there is nothing to envy to the gopro hero 4!!

Have a look for yourself: Nope I never said that, you obviously made your own conclusions. It has a long way to go. But they are on a right track.

For me it will be failure as an action cam. Action cameras should be aerodynamic as e. Drift Stealth. Such boxes are not a good solution. I would like yi action camera us vs international know your opinion. Im a soccer coach and I would like to record some video plays of my team will it be helpful to buy this cam for this kind of things or would you recommend me another camera with better specs? Eric, I think it will be good for it. Action cameras are great for that, especially if you want to attach it to yourself while recording, but you can always leave it on a tripod.

I like to get one of this but is there any other site that I can get this product besides gearbest?

vs international yi camera action us

Gearbest has lack of interesting on helping customers. Last time when I ordered using gearbest, i found missing items from the delivered package. But it took almost a week until I finally get some of their response towards my complaint. Thanks Kevin, GearBest is the cheapest, but there are some on Amazon link as well. Very nice review!!! I just bought a Yi and have been playing yi action camera us vs international with it.

Thanks for the review, read the whole thing before I bought it. Just planning on doing yi action camera us vs international travel filming.

Definitely going to keep it or maybe gift it to my gf and pony up the cash for a GoPro. I think I figured it out. Does the auto low light mode switch it to doubled frames?

I imternational start off in a dark area doubled and then it would switch to full 60fps when I moved to a bright part of the room. I have couple of questions though. Even at the back there is no slot for eye. Actoon do you see the shot you are taking? Pretty sure its yi action camera us vs international a sennheiser professional microphone game.

Aly, this is meant to be an actioon camera, not a point and shoot camcoder, dslr or anything else. It is meant to be used without flash and acction no optical viewfinder. You can u what you are recording through the app on your phone, as mentioned few times in the comments and article internatoinal. Thanks for the input. Official specs claim 64gb, but indeed some higher capacity cards can be formatted in acrion way to be supported, however I have not tested them.

Whichever you want, it has nothing to do with a camera, no limits or whatsoever. WiFi is for the app, Bluetooth is for remote controller. Thank you for introducing me to this camera. When I make my final decision does it make any difference if I click to Amazon through your site versus just going to Amazon directly?


If you do accrue any benefit I will make a point to come to your site first when I finally yi action camera us vs international my purchase. One question: Does it have any Image Stabilization at all?

Maybe for Video but not for Stills or vice versa? Hi Bruce, Glad you found it useful.

action vs yi international us camera

Make sure to check YI Inhernational Tour to understand the camera better. Some of the links in the article are affiliate, which means website will earn tiny percentage from your purchase, which I use to cover operational costs of the site and buy new products to review.

This does not affect your final price. Price stays the same for you. Thanks for that. Camera has no optical nor digital stabilization, its hard to expect that at this price range. You can read more on actin in general on Wikipedia.

This is an excellent review. I have bookmarked yi action camera us vs international in hopes Chrome will resurface it when I need it.

international camera vs yi us action

They borrowed theirs from Gear Best actiin their review. I do like your review though. Great work. Thanks Dev. Glad to know some sites do not do that. Even more glad that you enjoyed the review. Thanks for your great reviews! Is there a way to have a 16mp picture taken for example yi action camera us vs international 10 seconds while recording a movie?

And another question, does the camera need to be already switched on to be able to connect to it with your smartphone? And a last question, you say the video is not very sharp, can this be due to the out of focus problem with the lens many people are complaining about? Do you mean photo in video? I am afraid not. You can see all settings that camera has in this virtual manual I made. Camera needs to be turned on in order to turn on the WiFi, which must be triggered from the camera, by pressing WiFi button.

Yes, probably. Thanks for the quick reply! I was going trough the virtual maual indeed, Interntional hoped I missed the option I asked about: So the camera is sleeping until you turn it on with your telephone-app, just like a GoPro? I am not quite sure what you mean. The process of turning the WiFi is this: Damera on the camera, press the tiny WiFi button, enter the app on your phone and yi action camera us vs international can change settings or operate the camera remotely.

It can work without the app for some basic operation. Sorry is the confusion. I need yi action camera us vs international camera for an experiment where I cannot physically access the camera anymore, so I cannot turn on the camera and press the wifi button.

Hope this is more clear: Yes, that is more clear. As I said WiFi has to be turned on via the button on the camera manually. Hope mountain biking vs road biking for fitness answers your question. Thanks for the answer! Would it be a problem if I turn the camera on, turn on the wifi and connect to it with my phone for example a day later?

Or do you know cameras of comparable quality and price which you can turn on with a telephone app just like a GoPro?

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Review – Is it really a GoPro Killer?

That would require something like external how do you find a file in windows 10 supply or a power bank. I do not think these cameras are made to be on 24h, though in theory it is possible. I am not aware of any camera that can meet your requirements, sorry. Can I shot a picture from my phone, and save yi action camera us vs international directly to my phone gallery?

Thanks, so glad you enjoying the blog. Very interesting question. So you certainly need a memory card. In theory in order that to be possible, yi action camera us vs international would have to have an internal storage.

So, I strongly recommend you to get an microsd memory card of class 10 of reputable brand Samsung, Sony, Transcendent, etc. If you are a YI beginner, take a look at this guide. Unfortunately I do not go to concerts and such events, so its impossible to make such test for me. However I have tested YI close to a loud speaker on one occasion and it was absolute crap, so I do not think its good enough for loud music. This may be a stupid question, but can you sync the app and your Xiaomi Yi in a non wifi zone?

Camera has a built in WiFI so it will have it everywhere. Works similar to Bluetooth. Its not like you can connect to browse the web with it, just control camera remotely via the app. Hi great review! Is this the camera for me? Thank you for an excellent review, especially the updates yi action camera us vs international have made!

The best action camera

I plan to use this for whitewater, mounted on my helmet yo the waterproof case of course. Patricio, as I said in the video, it is the best yi action camera us vs international value for the money camera. Its not perfect, but I think it can fulfill your needs, provided your expectations are realistic.

Happy holidays to you as well and I envy you on going to such amazing trip. Have a good one!

News:Mar 12, - Yi 4K+ - Top specs for less. US Edition Here are the best action cams you can buy avid skiier or indeed an amateur filmmaker, your exact action camera needs . A good-value action camera that's especially good for cyclists a Story' section to automatically pick out the highlights from your footage.

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